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The CDC just banned evictions in the U.S all together until 2021
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The CDC just banned evictions in the U.S all together until 2021

The Centre for Disease Control has announced that effective today evictions across the board in America are banned through 31 December. According to the health agency, the move was decidedly made amid increasing concern that the Fall season could be exponentially more deadly than the previous months in America amid the Coronavirus. According to NBC News, The White House apparently granted the CDC the authority to make such a decision on grounds that COVID-19 would become a disaster if mass evictions took place. A disaster in fact of unimaginable proportions. With the order the CDC has now blocked landlords from evicting anyone who makes up to a certain income threshold. Per the guidelines, it appears that single folks who make up to rough $99k and married couples who make ...
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CDC issues fresh guidelines as America reopens

As American reopens into the beginning of Phase One and beyond, the U.S CDC has issued a fresh round of guidelines in an effort to protect thsoe whoo are now getting back to normalcy in their lives. In this Thursday file photo, a worker cleans the railings at Universal CityWalk near Universal City, Calif.   (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) The guidelines, per the CDC, aren't an encouragement or endorsement of gatherings or the like but instead guidelines to encourage people return to their lives. Among the most obvious ones: People should... Take the stairs instead of the elevator on the way down and up from their hotel rooms. Elevators are typically crowded and sometimes can be a hotbed for germs. 2. No high-fives or elbow bumps... at the gym. While we d...
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WYD? The CDC has told Americans to stop washing their raw chickens

In what may very well be one of the grossest things we've seen in a while. According to a report released by the CDC, officials have warned Americans against showering off their raw chicken before cooking it. As one would expect -- the response has widely been mocked online. It is common knowledge that it is quite easier to clean the germs by running water over chicklen -- and then cleaning the area around regardless. Officials claim that doing such "can exponentially cause germs of all sorts to arrive and travel through the kitchen".
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