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Things are once again looking pretty dire in Catalonia

CATALONIA, SPAIN --     Things are once again looking pretty hairy in Catalonia.  According to German authorities, the former President of Catalonia has been detained on charges related to a European arrest warrant.  Carles Puigdemont was detained along the German border after having apparently returned from a trip to Denmark. Although, one would think given that he is the subject of an international arrest warrant, one, wouldn't be dumb enough to travel internationally outside of your only safe zone. But, after Spain reissued a ruling against 20  members of the former government -- his arrest warrant became a thing again. It remains unclear as of this writing  when and if he will be forcibly returned to Spain.
Catalonia Referendum

Catalonia referendum brings Spanish government nearly to its knees

CATALONIA, SPAIN --  The historic independence vote in Spain is underway today, but, not without government intervention from the Spanish government.    Riot police by the dozens were deployed today to "seize ballots and close polling stations" as the government sought to quash Catalonia's independence vote once and for all. Although, the move appears to be backfiring on behalf of the Spanish government. Images, and bizarre images at that, of police using force to forcibly remove the young and the old from polling places have emerged online.  Social media is hot this morning with allegations and accusations that the Spanish government in centralized Madrid has "grossly abused its power" and "these photos exhibit nothing short of government overreach" per some pro-referendum proteste...
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