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Possible signs of alien life have allegedly been detected near Saturn ‘s moon according to a study: Report

An unlikely place in Space has emerged as a potential hotspot for what a new study says may be alien life. According to the study (click here), Saturn 's moon has been detected to have in or around said moon methane and other substances. For those who may not fully understand science, methane and the like are important factors that do help make mankind possible on planet earth. During the 2005 Cassini excursion, the rover also discovered dihydrogen (H2) and a variety of carbon-containing organic compounds, including methane (CH4) in or around the surface of the area and the moon. It is yet again a fascinating discovery in the race to determine if we're alone. The discovery appears to involve Ecladeus the moon that is a part of a planet that was once thought to not host any...
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