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Nicki Minaj didn’t gift that $25,000 after all: Reports

Nicki Minaj didn’t gift that $25,000 after all: Reports

Looks like Nicki Nick has some splainin to do. According to TMZ, Cosby Show actor Mr. Owens has yet to actually receive that hefty $25,000 pledge   she promised in wake of  being shamed for having a real job.   If you haven't been living under a rock, earlier this month, Owen's was publicly shamed for working at Trade Joes'. A feat that hadn't been discovered until some dip-shit  went into his store and decided to post it to Instagram.    Meanwhile, TMZ now notes,  that Minaj has yet to keep up her promise to donate $25,000 to  Owens  so he could "get back into the swing of Hollywood".    The website claims to have spoken to multiple sources close to Owen's camp, who claimed,  that  Minaj hasn't even attempted to reach out to them in any way. Calls to Nicki Minaj went unanswered....
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