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Dems call foul on refusal to raise minimum wage, have a plan B in place

House Democrats would like Republicans to know that because they’re moving ship on a reported plan B to raise the minimum wage in the U.S. According to reports, Democrats are prepared to levy taxable fines against large corporations where their employees simply just don’t make enough. Those fines per Washington would begin roughly at 5%. Employers would then be subject to higher fines as time goes on and would not be able to avoid them by simply outsourcing their employees. The Hill reports that such would be one of the first times that Washington would have ever reversed course and stuck it to corporations.
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Republicans are not only to blame but they flat out own the sedition that is underway in America

Despite GOP efforts and those of their bare minimum Republican allies — they own this. Let's keep it completely frank; abuck, honest, straight forward, whatever the term one prefers to use. Let's keep it real that the Republicans are not only to blame for the sedition that started yesterday, but, they single-handedly own the violence that came with it. Wikipedia Commons - Mike Chitwoood / A historical advert from the Daytona Beach Police Department indicating that they supported hate crimes and violence against those they saw as non white. A party that last year when protests against police brutality took off hinged somewhere between "riots" and "treason" now wants the world to forget (and quickly) that its most die-hard supporters committed the ultimate act of American betra...
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Despite Trump ‘s thugs attempt to overthrow the election inside the #Capitol — the Senate has certified Joe Biden’s victory

Joe Biden is now officially almost the President. Late Wednesday evening, the outgoing Republican led Senate paid no mind to the thugs outside the Capitol that demanded the election-certification process be stopped. The ongoing seditious effort by Republicans to unlawfully overturn Joe Biden 's victory was again dismissed by officials 92-7 in a formal Senate vote. It is yet again another major rebuke too the Republican Party that in recent weeks appears to have turned against everything they're supposed to represent. The latest challenge coming out oof Pennsylvania was the final nail in the coffin in the extraordinary effort by Republicans 's in which they failed to disenfranchise millions of American voters. Josh Hawley in his efforts to vote against the certification was j...
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