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Don’t worry America, the call is coming from inside the house

Will they ever reign in the domestic terror? NEVER FEAR AMERICA the call against America is coming from inside the house. According to a new report, federal authorities are concerned that new attacks against the Capitol and members of Congress may be coming from inside of their own circles. In a dramatic article, the Washington Post reports that U.S Army Officials are now taking extensive looks at each and every one of the military personnel involved in D.C this week. Some 25,000 reported service members are in the Capitol this week to ensure safety and security ahead of the Wednesday inauguration of Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris. But it comes at a dark point with some at the top believing that the next attack might actually be coming from the inside. The U.S has s...
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The Capitol Attacks may have come from inside the Capitol as situation takes a dramatic turn

The ongoing investigation into the cause and later effect of the Capitol Complex attacks appears to have taken quite the extraordinary turn. According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, numerous claims that the GOP helped tour the terrorists around the Capitol are now being investigated. On Friday credible claims surfaced amongst lawmakers and police officials that heard some GOP lawmakers allegedly also freshmen -- helped them along. It is a dramatic turn of events considering that would be tantamount to one of the biggest if not the biggest security breach in American history. Most of the claims appear to be credible according to an interview to the press Pelosi gave. "That will be looked into," said Pelosi. She also said she's asked retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré to assess...
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Amid even more threats of terrorism from Trump ‘s thugs, D.C buckles down

The National Park Service and the like inside the Capitol area has announced as of Monday turns and such are suspended. Per the Park Service, all tours of the park and the National Mall are suspended through 24 January amid additional credible threats of terrorism. According to the FBI, the closure will also see likely closed-off streets and heavy police presences throughout the National Mall area. FBI officials have apparently come across credible information that indicates major attacks by Trump Supporters may be planned in all 50 states at their respective Capitals.
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