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Candace Owens is a walking hypocrite let’s not forget that

Despite her show; cancel efforts against Chrissy Teigen, and just about every other lie she spews Owens is still a walking hypocrite. This week Owens took to social media taking credit for the fact that Teigen has been dropped by at least 3 major retailers over the fact that she harassed a then young Courtney Stodden. Harassment that led to calls for the then teenager to kill herself just months after she was thrust into the spotlight for marrying creepy out of work actor Doug Hutchinson. But as a tweet gleefully pointed out this week -- Owen 's isn't quite being forthcoming about her own efforts to openly challenge the notion of suicide. https://twitter.com/MarlowNYC/status/1395272096402530310?s=20

Professional troll Candace Owens couldn’t wait to talk about Meghan Markle on T.V

While nobody is quite sure why Fox News still gives this woman a mouthpiece, Candace Owens is back in the news spewing her usual anti-black pro-white vitriol that she's best known for. In a weird interview last night, Owens couldn't wait to go on national U.S television blasting The Duchess over her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. 'She [Meghan] said she doesn't read newspapers or check social media. That's not true because she then said that she was suicidal because of bad press,' Owens stated. https://youtu.be/TkhlLYR2-ds It's worth noting that nobody's quite sure if Owens realizes that she herself is also a Black woman. 'If you have seen a picture of Archie and you believe he suffered anti-black racism, then call me a Nigerian prince and give me your credit card...
Candace Owens is a first time Mom, hopefully it teaches her to finally be polite to others

Candace Owens is a first time Mom, hopefully it teaches her to finally be polite to others

She's not exactly known for being friendly to others considering her favourite line, er, starts and ends with the word plantation. American pundit and generally universally disliked commentator Candace Owens is now a Mom. According to social media, the betrothed political personality gave birth to a healthy baby boy over the weekend. She and her husband, George Fisher, are officially proud parents. Social media quickly lit up with hopes that Candace, now a Mom, will finally learn to be nice to others rather than drag everybody she can find through the mud for a quick buck. Owens married British hedge fund manager George Farmer in 2019 in a whirlwind engagement and marriage as she had then been the subject of intense media scrutiny at the time.
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Candace Owens: White people were responsible for Obama ‘s Presidency, he should be grateful

With the release of Obama's memoir finally here -- many are talking including the aforementioned Candace Owens who will find any excuse to talk bad about Black people. In an interview with Sean Hannity, Owens took the opportunity for airtime and a reason to run-her-mouth when asked about Obama and his memoir and how she apparently feels that white people were responsible for his Presidency. 'The language that he's using, the rhetoric that is coming out of former Barack Obama's mouth is nothing short of absolutely despicable in my opinion,' Owens told Hannity of the book's accusations about Republicans.   'This is a man who ran on the American dream. Everyone remembers where they were the night Barack Obama won. There was a kinetic energy on the ground it felt like we...
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Trumpian pony Candace Owens caught using black people as props, Twitter erupts

Make no mistake —- this is exactly on brand even for the likes of Candace Owens — a Black woman activist who has otherwise sold out her people and her own community for the all-mighty white dollar. This week Candace ‘s BLEXIT group appeared in numerous media reports because some say they’d been caught bribing black people from all over the country to attend Trump ‘s recent second-floor White House balcony speech. In fact, ABC News was among the first to report that BLEXIT gave stipends to those people; flew them to Washington, and paid for the expenses to do so. Owens of course has denied that they were used as props in typical right-wing fashion attempting to make the revelation a “left wing media problem.” EUROweb also reports that Owens rightfully received swift backlas...
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