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Caitlyn Jenner is running for Gov of California

Former reality T.V star Caitlyn Jenner is running for Governor of California. Jenner announced this week that she indeed has filed the appropriate paperwork to begin her campaign -- a campaign that she hopes to replace Newsom with later this year. Newsom is up in a recall election in the Fall over his mishandling of the pandemic. in a release. "I have been a compassionate disrupter throughout my life," Jenner said. "For too long, career politicians have over-promised and under-delivered. We need a leader with a vision and the resolve to see it through."

Caitlyn Jenner may get a role on the #SATC reboot on #HBOMax

Reality star Caitlyn Jenner might be upping the ante in life post Kardashian-drama. According to reports, Caitlyn Jenner is among the top contenders for a role on SATC that would see the show modernize itself considering it was first shot decades ago. In the original SATC, it was literally so white it passed during that time period. In modern day, however, the show likely would falter hard without some inclusion somewhere. The Mirror reports that HBO execs have approached Jenner among others as potentials to shake up the show. It is unclear exactly how Jenner would fit into the mix, er, considering she is not from New York City and isn't quite that associated with the city either.
The Kardashian ‘s are at war over Caitlyn Jenner  ‘s new memoir

The Kardashian ‘s are at war over Caitlyn Jenner ‘s new memoir

The latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashian's is almost here, and, it's as juicy as one would expect. In the episode, seen by The Daily News,   Kim and the gang learn of Caitlyn 's new memoir for the first time.  The memoir, entitled Secrets of My Life, is the first memoir by Jenner since her transition from male-to-female. While we won't go into much detail about Jenner's jaw-dropping book,  Kris, isn't to pleased about the book.  In the episode, Kris, is heard telling Jenner and the kids "I'm done I can't sit back  do nothing anymore".   The contents of the book range from secrets about Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn's own reasons as to why she transitioned. The book has also reportedly caused trouble with Jenner's daughters, some of which,  according to sources are "furio...
Caitlyn Jenner:  I’ve completed my sex reassignment surgery

Caitlyn Jenner: I’ve completed my sex reassignment surgery

Caitlyn Jenner is ("officially a woman").  According to Secrets of My Life (out April 25th) Jenner confirmed in her memoir that she underwent the reassignment surgery in January.   Her first memoir as Caitlyn is expected to draw much praise and equal criticism from critics.  Previously, she had indicated during a 2016 episode of I Am Cait that "she wasn't sure if she was going to actually undergo the surgery".  What that means exactly? For a person born a male, she,  had to have her penis removed and a vagina created for her new identity.  We're currently reading Secrets of My Life and will publish an entire review in the coming weeks. 
Ted Cruz on Caitlyn Jenner “This isn’t over”.
Your take?

Ted Cruz on Caitlyn Jenner “This isn’t over”.

If you're into politics, you've probably heard by now that Kardashian-Jenner star Caitlyn Jenner is, er, beefing with Presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz, has quipped back at Jenner whom continues to defend the notion that transgender people are not predators and have the right to use the correct bathroom as to which they identify. "This is not a matter of right or left, or Democrat or Republican. This is common sense. It doesn't make sense for grown adult men, strangers, to be alone in a restroom with a little girl," Cruz told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union." "This is the height of political correctness," Cruz continued. "And frankly, the concern is not of the Caitlyn Jenners of the world, but if the law is such that any man, if he feels like it, can go in a woman's restro...
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