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Would you trust Bristol Palin as your realtor?

That’s Palin’s hope with her announcement that she is now apparently a realtor for Keller Williams realty. According to Instagram, Palin, recently joined squad at Keller Williams — a shocking downfall for a woman once pinned up as her giraffe-mouth mother’s mouth-piece. The Daily Mail reports that Palin apparently made the announcement after purchasing her fourth home.   She apparently owns a  condo in Alaska; a home in Texas,  Arizona, and several others.  

Report: Bristol Palin ‘s hubby files for divorce

Looks like not only can Sarah Palin not hold a politically related job, but, her daughter can't keep a man either. According to TMZ,    Dakota Meyer  apparently moved out a while ago -- but only recently filed for divorce.  The two secretly married two years ago. Calls to Palin and her family went unanswered.  The two have also apparently blocked  each other on social media.
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