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NYT prints Kavanaugh ‘s shocking letter
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NYT prints Kavanaugh ‘s shocking letter

Brett Kavanaugh 's own letter, uh, may end up being the holy-grail that sinks his own Supreme Court hopes.  The New York Times has unearthed a rather ancient artifact, that,   has some pretty telling details inside of it. Weirdly, one opening line of the letter is standing out to  others. "Any girls that we invite to the party, are, invited with open" reads part of the letter.  While responses are mixed, the New York Times, remains straightforward in its response as to why it published Kavanaugh 's letter. The letter goes on to state that the party-goers "should warn the neighbors upon arrival, that, we are drunk; young, and have prolific pukers among ourselves" Kavanaugh wrote towards the end of the letter. Meanwhile, some 1,000 law professors have reportedly signed a letter urging ...
Report:   2nd woman comes forward with  assault allegations against Kavanaugh
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Report: 2nd woman comes forward with assault allegations against Kavanaugh

It is worth noting that this story is still developing, and,  the details are still fairly murky. On Sunday, the New Yorker (Ronan Farrow, and, Jane Meyer) reported that Brett Kavanaugh has yet another accuser. That woman has now been identified as 53-year-old Deborah Ramirez. Initially,   word of the accusation and the story from the magazine circulated among journalism circles (including our own).     Sunday afternoon was met with several reports of an alleged 2nd accuser, where,  it had been claimed that Kavanaugh had assaulted her in almost similar fashion to Dr. Ford. The story is now published inside the New Yorker.   The New Yorker opens its damning new report by confirming that the Senate is indeed investigating the claim, some of which, has the alarming potentially to likely c...
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