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Angelina Jolie discloses she was also a victim of Harvey Weinstein ‘s vicious sex abuse in Hollywood

Hollywood siren Angelina Jolie is making bombshell waves in a new interview with the Guardian not because of a movie but because of the sensational claims that followed. According to the interview, the American actress has revealed for the first time that she was also a victim of Harvey Weinstein 's abuse when she was roughly 21 years old. But like most good things even Angelina Jolie 's marriage to Brad Pitt couldn't stand the test of time. In 2016, the couple filed for divorce after what she says were several years of fearing for her safety; abuse by Pitt, and then of course what happened early on in life (she even says she told Pitt who didn't seem to care.) Harvey Weinstein himself has since responded to the claims to the shock of nobody. In a statement picked up by TMZ, Weins...
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