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Magazine boss Anna Wintour is under fire as protesters stage “Fair Pay” fiasco outside of massive NYC mansion

BOSSES WEAR PRADA, WORKERS GET NADA? Sprawling seens today in New York City outside of Anna Wintour ‘s $12.5m mansion-like townhouse. According to reports, protesters by the numbers from across Conde Nast gathered outside Wintour ‘s home amid reports that staffers are dramatically underpaid for their world renowned work. Many of Conde Nast ‘s publications are some of the most famous publications in modern media. Anna Wintour does not exactly oversee the New Yorker (which appears to be the most prominent Conde Nast magazine protesting) though she is widely seen as the proxy figurhead in the situation. The magazine is actually overseen by a man named David, though many are targeting Wintour because she’s become obscenely rich working for Conde Nast. Many of the demands are ...
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