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Daily News writers read SHK ‘s book for the first time

A book that many of us, perhaps, didn't quite know was even coming.  On  Wednesday, we, were surprised to discover  that SHK 's book: Trainwreck had arrived  for each of us.   This is the first time we've ever seen the book, and, the first time we've  found ourselves in a collective "gasp" followed by nearly every single one of our writers unable to read beyond the first chapter. On Wednesday morning, we,  were collectively invited to a massive video chat by SHK himself.  In the video chat, he, explained that after 15 years the veil he's so carefully kept himself behind for nearly two decades is being lifted.   Some of the things in this book, we, were never aware of. We'd like to take this moment to say this.  Sexual assault; domestic violence,  and rape are never okay. Neither i...
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