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Report: Boko Horam has kidnapped more kids this time boys

Depending on how you like to classify it and despite claims by certain members of society otherwise —- we are in the midst of a troubling pandemic that may go on for quite some time longer. It has been both a heartbreaking experience as it has been a community-learning experience for me. According to the AP, hundreds of boys were kidnapped in a pre-dawn raid at a government school in the state of Katsina. Boko Horam has since claimed responsibility for the terror abduction citing “western indoctrination.”
Top Story: Boko Horam reportedly kidnaps 40 boys
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Top Story: Boko Horam reportedly kidnaps 40 boys

NIGERIA --  More horror for those families in Nigeria hoping to get their loved ones returned from Boko Horam. Reports published this week confirmed that the group indeed kidnapped some 40 boys, after persuading the boys and even young teenagers to 'come out for a sermon' preached by none other than Boko Horam. According to the AP, there was one person who witnessed the raid on the latest village. Bulama Malam told reporters after the attack and his own escape  "After telling us that they wanted to preach to us, they began to select young men aged between 12 and 25," Malam said. "I was lucky to escape because they only selected very young and able-bodied men."
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