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Profile: Meet Mexico ‘s “Drug Empress”  Blanca Cazares
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Profile: Meet Mexico ‘s “Drug Empress” Blanca Cazares

Due to the subject of this article -- the identity of the author of this profile has been hidden behind our writer's room "The Common Room." Notice: People and the related sources for this profile have been redacted including the author. With El Chapo behind bars --- much of the focus on Mexico 's cartel world has turned its focus on the other members of the community who are otherwise illegally dominating much of the modern world. In this profile piece, the startling story of Blanca Cazares gets pushed back into the headlines just days after her nephew married El Chapo 's daughter. She's been blacklisted by the U.S since at least the Fall of 2007 according to records obtained for this profile. Cazares is widely considered to be one of the most powerful women in Mexico du...
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