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We’re giving away FOUR college scholarships to BRILLIANT Black Youth

We're launching a new project, and this one, is aimed to help  African American youth (whether boy or girl) between the ages of 10 - 19 gain a little help in going to college.    We want to see video submissions of your child via Youtube tagged #BazaarDailyNews #TheBlackYouthSearch as to why your child is BRILLIANT and deserves the $5,000 and   $7,500 scholarships provided by The Daily News in partnership with private equity firms. Both scholarships have two a piece so that makes a total of FOUR. Which means we are on the search for FOUR young people who are on their way to the top. Think you got what it takes? This scholarship is open to ALL 50 U.S states including Hawaii and the Outer Islands.  Residents welcome, generally, parents must aid the children in making these videos and w...
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