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Different Year Same Story: BLACK MAN KILLED BY POLICE

      "We have made incredible progress, this year we have seen the beauty of America's soul." -Trump  (Pops gum) Great we would like to think that every person in America that watched or listened to the State of The Union Address felt that way. While it was great to touch on how law enforcement is cracking down on gangs, and government is going to be pro-active in their support of improving military to fight ISIS, 45 never mentioned the fight on corrupt law enforcement. 31 days into the New year there has already been 105 deaths by police. We not sure if that's good or bad compared to 109 last year this time. Since November there has been 292 police involved killings. The site (www.killedbypolice.net) reported that out of the 105 deaths cause by police half of those people were bla...
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