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We’re kicking off #BlackHistoryMonth

Black History Month is officially here and we couldn't be more thrilled to cover the month as a team. As a team chalked full of black creatives, Black History Month is important to us because we want to educate and inform our dominant black audience across the world. This month we'll be focusing on men and women who helped change the course of history; modern figures who are using their platforms for good, and tastemakers whom are offering up a different perspective to live one's life.
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Noella Fe Says…. Why Not an HBCU?

 Why don't African Americans send their children to HBCUs? This article has been written a thousand times over. At the very moment of editing, floods of tweets came in from the students at Hampton University. The outrage came after the Town Hall's yearly meeting. So many tweets of tired students not getting the attention needed to address issues within the student body and campus as a whole poured all over twitter. I felt lifted uncannily. I wasn't sure if it was the passion in which the students held for their school, or if it was the drive they carried to improve campus life at Hampton. All colleges go thru some problems and understand that many HBCU's just don't have the money to cover up the mishandlings. Hampton isn't the only school going thru rough patches but is enough that black ...
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Black HIstory ,White Crime

  DO BLACKS KILL MORE THAN WHITES? I thought I'd share some of the conversations I'm Having during Black History Month. Facebook allows me to engage in almost any and every type of group and you would not believe the crap people say out of their mouths. Some things just shouldn't be said. This one group,( I won't mention the name because the administrator has not given me permission) had a blow out discussion about blacks killing more than whites. I was just there for the comments. I've learned to STFU when talking to people who are angry and stupid. Especially when they suffer from a combination of both. In school I had to research a similar topic; rather I chose to research this topic because I didn't think blacks killed more than whites.(I still don't ) I paused for a second a...
Stacey Dash ‘s awkward #Oscars appearance: WATCH
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Stacey Dash ‘s awkward #Oscars appearance: WATCH

And if you're as puzzled as we are, well, yeah. Oscar host Chris Rock, whom, is occasionally funny -- fell flat on his face this year with an unexpected guest.   Controversial Fox News host Stacey Dash, yes, Stacey Dash, suddenly appeared out of no where clad in a sparkly white gown -- with a one liner nobody saw coming: Happy Black History Month. The room fell silent. Watch the, er, weird joke at Us Weekly.  
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