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#NYPD cops were caught on video ramming their car into protesters, De Blasio called it a “tough decision”

The NYPD has been caught numerous times since yesterday doing what the NYPD does best. Last night --- a video surfaced (and we have a few ourselves you might find on this very website) of two NYPD cruisers ramming their vehicles into protesters. https://twitter.com/AJRupchandani/status/1266889115288711168?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.buzzfeednews.com%2Farticle%2Fclaudiakoerner%2Fnypd-suv-crowd-protests-brooklyn As much as we wish that the previous paragraph were a joke it isn't. The scene was captured on camera and widely shared online even garnering a response from NYC 's betrothed mayor Bill De Blasio. In response to the growing controversy over the video, De Blasio called the move (and we're quoting this literally) a "tough decisio...

Bill De Blasio claims that New York City won’t open until September

Bill De Blasio is a man that knows he's the laughing stock of New York City and his latest presser is a shining example as to why. According to De Blasio, New York City (despite falling hospital admissions and the like) won't actually fully open until roughly September. The city is reportedly racing to meet the 7 laid out requirements in place by the Governor so that they can actually reopen. However, De Blasio claims that such will take at least until September. Those requirements range from roughly 2.5k contact tracers; an increase in free hospital beds, and more. As of Tuesday, 170,534 confirmed cases of the virus have been reported within the boundaries of New York City. There have been13,536 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and at least 5.3.k presumed deaths from the virus all...
New York City mayor Bill De Blasio has ties to Nicaragua, The Sardinista Revolution
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New York City mayor Bill De Blasio has ties to Nicaragua, The Sardinista Revolution

NEW YORK -- Amid news that most of New York's finest have turned their backs on Bill De Blasio, there are new pieces of information making their rounds among the internet about none other than Bill De Blasio. Blasio, reportedly has a past of his own, in which, some might find a bit harrowing for someone whom is the mayor of New York City. According to documents obtained by Daily News Online,  De Blasio faithfully supported and even donated to a brutal communist regime in the country of Nicaragua back in the 1980's.  During this time period, Nicaragua was a known fundraiser for the Sandinista Revolution, The documents state that De Blasio traveled to Nicaragua back in 1988, and was a frequent subscriber to the  political movements magazine 'Barricada'. It was at this time, in which, the c...
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NYC ‘s shocking homeless population, by the numbers

New York City is one of the busiest cities in North America, but, it comes with a price to live in such a place: you either sail or you don't live at all.  In the most recent Homeless Coalition report,  (believed to be from December), the average nightly number of people in homeless shelters -- is indeed -- at record highs. In the last report,     officials noted that some 63,400 people  reportedly call a homeless shelter (of any variation) home every night.   That's up nearly 9% from the previous year, and, at a time in which Mayor bill De blasio has largely failed people including the shocking number of young students who chronically face homelessness in what was once a beloved city to call home. The numbers come a year into De Blasio 's . Turning The Tide Plan, in which, he hopes ...
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