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Popular Black “Afro Hair Guy” Benny Harlem a FRAUD: Tea
Celebrity, Your take?

Popular Black “Afro Hair Guy” Benny Harlem a FRAUD: Tea

It’s by the grace of all things shady, you’ve probably heard of Natural Hair aficionado  Benny Harlem. Harlem,  uh is known for his “wildly impressive” Afro (which he also gained popularity online with his daughter for the same reason). But,  since September, rumours have been rampant that Harlem is actually indeed a fraud and his hair isn’t actually natural at all. It’s worth noting that in popular response to reports of the scam, Harlem, claimed that he indeed does “travel to Africa” to make and produce his products.   In fact, we’ve managed to find his apparent statement claiming just that. [Warning: It appears he has lie-abetes]. I was bitten by a Viper snake while in Ethiopia farming and acquiring ingredients for the Green Veggie Hair Kits. There was no more anti-venom medication ...
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