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E-mail debunks claim Ben Carson & wife didnt know about that infamous purchase

Looks like the Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development office has some explaining to do. According to a FOIA request, thanks to CNN, Ben Carson and his wife actually lied about not knowing about that $31,000 decor purchase.  The purchase, which made headlines earlier this month, has landed both in hot-water with ethics watchdogs. One could imagine how it goes from there. Several e-mails indicate that someone's assistant (it appears Mrs Carson's assistant)   was among those in which originally sent e-mails indicating that the duo needed new decor for their office.    Now, this is where it gets interesting.   According to previous reports,   Carson and his wife had been told that they could apparently use up to $25,000   for decor (at least that's what they claim). But the endin...
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