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We’re launching a commentary/personal section as we continue to experience astronomical growth

Thanks to the sudden growth of our community; social media following, and fan outreach across much of our platform(s) we've decided to add another section to our newspapers. In the coming days we will be launching a personal/commentary section where we will get very personal with our readers and in turn our readers will get personal with us. To contribute to our personal section please use the blue support bubble in the corner of this newspaper. Contributors will be reviewed and then published under our new guest/personals column. We hope that by using this new column we can engage and interact with many more in ways we haven't before.
Astronomy & Space

Earth ‘s crust may be super super old, much older than we may have previously known

The crust of Earth the place we call home may in fact be significantly older than previously known. According to Space.com, the crust may be around or older than 3.7billion years in total. The new discovery sheds even further light in the exploration efforts to understand the history of the planet we live on. A history that like many have noted before is actually largely unknown. Discovering the new age of the crust was in fact possible because at a recent convention (virtually due to the pandemic) scientists analyzed a specimen called barite. The barite specimen showed scientists that the crust is actually billions of years old, partially, having aged pretty well for having been around far longer than anything we've ever known. Barites have a history of recording things prett...
Fresh News

We’ve been named one of the UK ‘s Best 39 social news organisations

*cue almost any Doja Cat song* Although a little late we're thrilled to share that a magazine has found that we are among the 39 best social news organisations in the U.K. We've since featured this link on our press page and are honoured for the distinction. As a newspaper we thrive to be different. We're not your typical harsh in suits kind of folks. We strive to inform and educate but we do it in a way that feels human and connects with people.
Fresh News

Don’t worry America, the call is coming from inside the house

Will they ever reign in the domestic terror? NEVER FEAR AMERICA the call against America is coming from inside the house. According to a new report, federal authorities are concerned that new attacks against the Capitol and members of Congress may be coming from inside of their own circles. In a dramatic article, the Washington Post reports that U.S Army Officials are now taking extensive looks at each and every one of the military personnel involved in D.C this week. Some 25,000 reported service members are in the Capitol this week to ensure safety and security ahead of the Wednesday inauguration of Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris. But it comes at a dark point with some at the top believing that the next attack might actually be coming from the inside. The U.S has s...
Tech News

Answering some of your FAQ ‘s sent to our fan-mail inbox

In this week 's fan question box (we have an e-mail dedicated to that) we received a host of questions about our business model and how we managed to get it off the ground. The truth is our business model we don't actually have one. The only form of a business model that we have is consistency; productivity, and otherwise employee happiness. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't owned by what is called Newspaper Newsgroup Limited (pretty sure that's there name.). We are owned by a group of private citizens who have no corporate interests; no ties to dark money, and otherwise are about as regular as one might expect. That has accounted for much of our success because they've banned corporate money; power players, and the like from ever taking control of this agency. Another l...

Canadian health officials now say mutant COVID strain is inside Canada

Amid growing reports that the mutant COVID strain originally thought to be from the UK has made it to other parts of the world — it has now reportedly made it to Canada. Per Canadian health officials, a couple in Metro Toronto has tested positive for the highly contagious new strain of the virus. Here’s what we know so far: Canadian health officials claim that the couple, who has not been identified, has no known travel history, Because of such it is an indication they may have caught the strain from inside Canada.US health officials are warning their own lackluster UK travel rules are insufficient. There is conflicting information running amuck on just how contagious the new strain is. The new strain has also made it into: Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Holland, and other cou...
Tech News

Pornhub has deleted all of its unverfied content, could this be the end?

Pornhub.com is likely facing its own reckoning as it comes to terms with the idea that it alone is responsible for many wrongdoings on the internet. But, there are more sites out there than just Pornhub — all of which likely are discussing changes of their own behind the scenes. I think it’s important to remind people that porn is a part of life just as sex is. The allegations against Pornhub are very much real and should be taken with considerable concern. Although, that doesn’t mean other sites shouldn’t be looked just as muc to ensure that things are being done correctly. It is the reckoning that brought Pornhub to the conclusion that it was time to go nuclear and reportedly remove unverified videos. The move rightfully deleted millions of videos — lots of which did act...
Fresh News

How we’ve managed to turn profits every quarter for the past decade and more

Over the years we've had dozens of questions as to what happens behind the scenes and particularly how. While I'll keep to the tradition of not disclosing much about life behind the scenes at our news organisation, I, will for the first time discuss some of the ways we've managed to make substantial profits for nearly 19 years and counting. These collection(s) of blog started in the summer of 2002. Originally a sub domain blog on Wordpresss, they, later became actual blogs upn purchased domains sin 2004 and 2005. *Our members also actively donate themselves to our work online. Our members are not asked outright and that has been voluntary for more than a decade. It has worked out great for us because we aren't corporate shills that seem unrealistic in the news business. Our rea...
Tesla has applied to become a UK electricity provider
Tech News, UK News

Tesla has applied to become a UK electricity provider

While it remains unknown as to why they needed such a license, Tesla might soon be your energy provider throughout parts of the UK. According to documents that appeared online, Tesla applied for an energy provider license in the U.K this week -- sparking speculation that they may be preparing to expand their business efforts. It remains unclear the purpose of the license but it was signed by Tesla 's energy sales director on Tuesday. Tesla is known for making cars; batteries, and is the proud owner of the world's largest battery.
Fresh News

White House, Congress ‘very close” to major $450B deal

That's because the Small Business Loan Programme that a ton of American small businesses counted on initially dried up quickly of its cash. Now, Republicans and Democrats alike have reportedly come to terms with a deal that would see another major cash injection into the programme. According to the Associated Press, the Treasury Department hopes to have the programme back up by mid-week. The department confirmed that this time around at least $75B would go towards hospitals; at least $50B in disaster loans, and at least $25B for COVID-19 testing among other important feats that Democrats argued for.
Fresh News

Despite the corporate interest, we at no time are selling out

We've been called lots of things; pioneers, gatekeepers, and even flat-out devils. But what people cannot say about us is that we sold out to corporate overlords who probably would've turn us into a paywall bending newspaper shilling for subscriptions. While we appreciate the renewed interest in our blogs and newspapers (there are multiple) we at no time have any intention of selling let alone selling even a single stake.
NYC ‘s confirmed cases + death numbers as of 30 March 2020
Fresh News

NYC ‘s confirmed cases + death numbers as of 30 March 2020

In this article we bring you the updated case numbers in New York and the number of deaths (both of which have seen a complete jump.). According to officials --- 112 more deaths were recorded in New York in the past 24 hours. There were 36,221 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the five boroughs by 10:30 a.m. Monday, a 12% increase from 32,308 at 9:30 a.m. Sunday per publicly available Health Department data seen by The Daily News. According to the same data, 52% of those cases were people mostly under the age of 50. The average age being 48 years old.
British Society

Ghislaine Maxwell’s email address has been hacked

Ghislaine Maxwell is the victim of a hack and that means that her emails are on the cusp of becoming public fodder. According to lawyers for the British socialite and suspected madame, her computer and emails were recently hacked after more than 2k court documents were lawfully released in the case against her. Full disclosure here. Around 2am EST, a Signal tipster appears to have provided us confirmation that the hack is real and Maxwell has been compromised. The message although we are not permitted to share it due to tipster confidentiality rules — revealed a screenshot of Maxwell’s email server.
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