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As Afghanistan crumbles to the Taliban, America’s failures are yet again highlighted on a massive scale

The Talibans extraordinary gain in Afghanistan now includes the outskirts of Kabul. Kabul is the main seat of governmental power in Afghanistan and is understood to be in imminent danger. In the early morning hours of Sunday, it emerged that Taliban fighters had overrun most of the outskirts leading into Kabul. Their latest gains have reportedly cut off Kabul’s highway access to nearby city craters and vital resources. The problems only scratch the surface starting there. A rise again of the Taliban means that world governments will now have to communicate with a terrorist cell in order to gain access in any way to Afghanistan. It means that women will once again be denied healthcare rights; birth control, education and more. Taliban members do not believe that women shoul...

Criminal complaints against Andrew Cuomo have been filed officially

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have even worse problems to worry about. According to CNN, Cuomo is now the subject of at least two separate criminal complaints in Albany. This makes the sitting Governor of New York the subject of a formal criminal complaint. Reports indicate that the woman only identified as executive assistant “one” in the initial report made the complaint on Thursday. The complaint alleges on multiple occasions, which were found to be true, that Governor abused his power to take advantage of women while in office. Right now an internal fight between top NY lawmakers is underway. Amid the allegations and the investigation into his actions — Cuomo is actually refusing to completely resign.
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Reports indicate that the man who killed Gone Girl actress Lisa Banes in hit-and-run has been arrested

Just weeks after the sudden death of actress Lisa Banes — an arrest in the hit-and-run that cost her life. According to reports, Bryan Boyd, 26, has been arrested in connection to the accident and charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian. It appears that Boyd reportedly lives on the same block that the accident actually happened near. It is understood that Boyd was identified by a wanted poster though it is unclear further on that front. Police have not immediately released many details about the incident but are expected to discuss it at a later time.
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We’re launching a commentary/personal section as we continue to experience astronomical growth

Thanks to the sudden growth of our community; social media following, and fan outreach across much of our platform(s) we've decided to add another section to our newspapers. In the coming days we will be launching a personal/commentary section where we will get very personal with our readers and in turn our readers will get personal with us. To contribute to our personal section please use the blue support bubble in the corner of this newspaper. Contributors will be reviewed and then published under our new guest/personals column. We hope that by using this new column we can engage and interact with many more in ways we haven't before.
Late Night titan Conan will cease show to move to HBO Max
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Late Night titan Conan will cease show to move to HBO Max

In a sign that streaming services are winning over people as they are big clients — Conan is making his move official. According to the late night titans, the final show will air on TBS on 24 June before he inevitably transfers over to Max. 'We are winding down our TBS show,' the funnyman revealed.  'The plan is to re-emerge on HBO Max sometime in the near future with I think what will be my fourth iteration of the program.   'Imagine a cooking show with puppets, and you’ll have the wrong idea,' he added jokingly. 
Billionaires Bill & Melinda Gates are divorcing: Report

Billionaires Bill & Melinda Gates are divorcing: Report

After more than 27 years of marriage, billionaires Bill & Melinda Gates are ending their storybook marriage. The Gates duo shares a $127B fortune and three children all of which are adults or close to it. The couple jointly announced the news on Twitter stunning the tech community. Having started Microsoft in 1975, Gates met Melinda in the 90’s in New York and struggled with the idea of marriage early onset.

Nicole Kidman sees herself dragged as images emerge of her on set as Hollywood legend Lucille Ball

Lots of people are talking today amid images of Nicole Kidman appearing online in her getup as Lucille Ball. Kidman although a fine actress has become the center of controversy after many suggested Debra Messing should’ve been cast in Being The Ricardo’s instead. Initially it appears many may have misunderstood what the film actually is. The 🎞 is actually about a week long filming session for an episode of the iconic American sitcom I Love Lucy. It does not appear to be a regular biopic which in turn would be entirely about Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. The photographs can be seen here. Share with us your thoughts below.
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The Close Up: Biden’s speech, GOP goes nuclear, America yearns for progress and more

The Close Up is our new evening newsletter featuring the best bites from the day and more. Today’s bites will be featured by myself, SHK, and a different person each evening from there on. BIG MOMENTS: 1. US President Joe Biden led the first set of women to stand together behind the Congressional podium. Last night at Biden’s Congressional address, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Madame Vice President Kamala Harris became the first women ever to stand together behind the podium. It is a monumental moment for America considering the country has largely been ruled by old white women for centuries. Many are viewing Madame Vice President’s presence as a turning point for America. 2. Police in Louisville Kentucky are now under federal investigation for police brutalit...
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The real reason we don’t accept investment funds might shock some of you

Contrary to belief -- we've accepted a gift all but once otherwise have never actually allowed investment funds of any kind. We don't allow investment funds of any kind because we have no interest in being beholden to an agenda; a third party, nor special interests. There's been allot of interest over the years once having been the new kid on the block but I have always rejected those offers. I also never liked the idea of having to report to investors; others, or follow the orders of someone else for no reason other than the fact that they're helping keep the lights on around here. My favourite part about being the leader of this newspaper isn't quite the perks that come with the shiny nameplate on my desk. It's actually the fact that 98% of the way over the course of nea...
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Sharon Osbourne has lawyered up amid race row at CBS’s The Talk

A highly lucrative contract between CBS and Sharon Osbourne is now reportedly on the line. According to Page Six, Osbourne has lawyered up amid reports that she is poised to be out of a job amid allegations that she is racist. The allegations first surfaced earlier this month after Holly Robinson-Peete alleged that she had been told she was too ghetto for the talk. Of course, the allegations spread fast throughout the media — with others quickly finding out that there were other instances of the alleged racism. Osbourne maintains that she’s done nothing wrong and reportedly plans to see her way through negotiations. CBS maintains that this was not an attempt to push her out of her contract.
A white headmaster in New York has been placed on leave after forcing a Black student to kneel when apologizing

A white headmaster in New York has been placed on leave after forcing a Black student to kneel when apologizing

A white headmaster in Uniondale New York is on his way out of his job after forcing a Black student to kneel when apologizing. John Patrick Holian, apparently told the student that it was the African way for such people to apologize. According to the Daily News, that student has been identified as Trayson Paul. Back in February, Paul was in English class and supposedly did the wrong assignment according to the school. The $15,000 a year Long Island school quickly found itself fending off intense backlash online. Paul and his family are a Haitian-American family who are said to be outraged by the shocking comments. Paul’s mother reportedly couldn’t believe the comments — though some locals aren’t surprised. Holian allegedly told Paul on 25 Feb after being brought to h...

Houston has found the UK COVID-19 variant in ITS SEWAGE system

An alarming new study apparently conducted against the backdrop of a Governor who doesn't care -- has actually revealed that Houston has COVID in its sewage systems. According to the Houston Health Department, 71% of the city's entire sewage system has been found to have the highly contagious UK variant of the Coronavirus. The Governor Greg Abbott relinquished mask mandates just a week after the initial report was published among officials for them to see. Just two weeks prior to the report the city saw roughly 41% less of said system infected with the British COVID strain. 'The prevalence of the U.K. variant in our wastewater shows it's actively spreading in our city,' Dr David Persse, chief medical officer for the City of Houston, said in a statement. 
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Clearing up some of the things people have published on the internet

1. We do not nor have ever had a paywall. It is unclear to me how that even became speculation. 2. No we are not owned by Rupert Murdoch. For the love of god, I wish people stop sending us mailers for his company. We are not Newspapers Newsgroup Limited or Associated Newspapers. 3. We have never been involved in a criminal case of any kind nor do we have an interest of getting knee deep in such. 4. We do not own a company called Research It. That website that shows such had fabricated that leading many to believe such though that was not true. 5. We do not provide; confirm, or acknowledge information to third party websites. Much of what has been published is speculation. We are fairly private people and despite a public profile have no interest in being in pe...
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A quick note about what you may find on the internet.

We do not presently provide or confirm any type of information to third party websites. We are aware of various websites with wildly confusing things about our newspapers -- though they are refusing to remove them. Linkedin presently has numerous profiles that are not actually us, er, which is actually just one of many examples. The same is presently applicable to requests for comment. We do not actually confirm; comment on, or anything of the like related to press inquiries. We do not actively provide or grant press interviews of any kind and generally are relatively private despite the way it may seem. We have never spoken to any form of a media outlet and have no intentions of doing so. We generally are not the kind to "Google" ourselves though people generally do mak...
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