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AMTRAK is making headlines yet again. In my last rant I said I was going to start a, "your turn" movement, but thanks to Amtrak I need to start a," I'm tired" movement. WHAT IS SAFE ANYMORE? I live in NYC, so by far, I'm already traumatized by public transportation so all of these incidents are making me feel like private transit is even worse. She might not die from rat encounters but ride Amtrak; Noella Fe says," She has to fear for her life. Two hours ago another Amtrak train crashed in South Carolina leaving two dead and over 90 people injured. CNN reports that the two people dead are in fact Amtrak employees. News outlets said that the Amtrak train had a collision with a freight train. These crashes are beyond absurd; the freight train was stationary(meaning the dam freight train ...
Here’s why we changed our look after more than a decade
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Here’s why we changed our look after more than a decade

For the first time in nearly a decade, we've changed our entire look and not just the theme.   We've decided that after nearly a decade of the relatively same look, we're out for something new. The change comes on the heels of Sultan Khan announcing that The Daily News will now include transgender; and gay friendly news and columns from trans advocates. The change comes in part within the death of Ava Barrin. A young lady who has now been seen around the world in various publications and newspapers thanks to Sultan 's obituary.  This is just the beginning of becoming a driving mechanism in the discussion about trans-acceptance and love. Our new unit, which launches Monday, can be contacted at: Lgbt@bazaardaily.co.uk.  This unit is open 24 hours  a day, and can also be reached by iMes...
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