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Afternoon Roundup

Everything you need to know about Jordyn Jones & Barron Brantley

The world is now learning just how creepy  Barron Brantley truly was.   Late last night I spent a few hours digging deep into Brantley and his girlfriend Jordyn Jones -- both of whom are accused of Crawford 's grisly murder. Sources say that Brantley had been forcibly pursuing Crawford sexually for weeks.  Leading into the 26 Oct incident that she felt so uncomfortable in her own home she couldn't sleep in her bedroom.   "She was texting friends and had even told police that she felt very uncomfortable in her own bedroom. She had moved to the living room but that still didn't seem to help much." sources close to the situation and with direct connections to the criminal  Jones and the now-deceased Crawford. Police announced in a press conference that it was Jones that led authorities to C...
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