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Here’s the white terrorist that was terrorizing Austin with bombs: Photo

Looks like the Austin bomber has been identified. According to local reports,   Pflugervile resident Mark A. Conditt  has been identified as the bomber who killed himself in the early hours of Wednesday morning.   Due to our long-standing policy on  white supremacists, we, will not disclose much information about him   in this newspaper. In this rare case, we, are going to  go against policy and display his picture.  Conditt, pictured below,  was known for his dry wit and apparent angst towards black people.  He was believed to be a Christian and a Trump supporter.
Authorities:  We’re investigating another  bomb explosion in Texas
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Authorities: We’re investigating another bomb explosion in Texas

SAN ANTONIO ---   Big news in Texas today, even though Trump has yet to acknowledge it.   According to state authorities,  another bomb went off inside of a  Fedex facility injuring one of the female workers.   The bomb reportedly went off while it was going from the belt-to-belt inside of the facility, per authorities.    Police also say that a second bomb was found in Austin this morning, although, it appears that it was intercepted. Police sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity  because they weren't authorised to speak on the situation tell The Daily News that "Authorities found the original mailers and address information for the package, so now,  police are looking at the address on the label to determine the connection and why someone would mail them a bomb". Meanwhile...
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