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As Australia burns, the government wants the world to believe coal has nothing to do with climate change

Half of the world right now is on fire (from parts of the Amazon to Australia) but certain governments and their profiteers would like the world to believe that climate change is fake -- or in other words "nothing to see here." The sky glows red as bushfires continue to rage in Mallacoota, Victoria, Australia, December 31, 2019, in this photo obtained from social media. Jonty Smith from Melbourne/via REUTERS But that isn't the case. Australia, for example, is the world's biggest coal exporter by means; numbers, and just all the way around. Scientists, at least some, actually predicted that Australia was on the brink of disaster but because Scott Morrison doesn't care -- the government didn't bother to listen. In fact, in November no less than a month after the initial fires br...
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