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Anna Delvey back in the news: Reports
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Anna Delvey back in the news: Reports

And that's in part because it appears Netflix is salivating over the idea of an Anna Delvey approved T.V show. According to reports, Netflix is duking it out with the state of New York over the massive sum they want to pay Delvey for rights to her story (something networks have been jockeying for since a few months ago). It makes sense as to why Netflix sould want tushc a gripping tale of deception; beauty, and high society. Delvey conned high snobiety New York out of tens of thousands of dollars; fancy dinners, their egos, and most of all their common sense for several months. The rouse? Anna "Delvey" was actually Anna Sorokin the entire time -- a Russian born woman known for a history of humungous lies and connery. Neflix reportedly wants to pay Delvey more than $100,000 for right...
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