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America now has a conservative majority on the court, and that is very much a bad thing

Make no mistake —- there are good conservatives and bad conservatives just like bad Dems and good Dems exist. The problem with conservatives like Amy Coney Barrett isn’t necessarily the fact that she’s conservative, it’s the fact that she swears by a document that was written hundreds of years ago and hasn’t adapted to the times. I’m referencing the constitution here guys. I’m sure we can all agree to some degree that the constitution most certainly has served its intendned purpose and then some. The right to freedom of speech; the right to bear arms, the right of the press, and so on. But conservative interpretation of the constitution almost always tends to go backwards instead of forwards advancing with the times. It is in fact not 1902 anymore. It is 2020 in the 21st ce...
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Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, setting the stage for reversals on almost every major policy

Amy Coney Barrett —- the latest member of Trump ‘s squad to gang up on the government has taken up her space on the Supreme Court. Late Monday evening, the Republican led effort to have her questionably installed on the court succeeded in a party line vote. It is widely expected that Barrett will begin work on the court tomorrow, as she would be lawfully allowed to do so if she sees fit. Her confirmation comes just days ahead of the election that already in itself is expected to end up in the hands of the Supreme Court. It remains pretty clear where Barrett stands on numerous issues, most of which would take America back decades to a time that anyone who wasn’t white and male wasn’t welcome. It is expected that she will begin work tomorrow taking up abortion issues and most ev...
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Amy Coney Barrett has long wanted to end Roe v Wade

Looks like Barrett ‘s past is coming back up to haunt her at a time that women’s rights are at the forefront of American Democracy. According to this 2006 ad, Amy Coney Barrett was indeed among the listeners on the letter that followed the ad proclaiming anti-abortion beliefs and that Roe v Wade should be effectively killed. https://twitter.com/brianefallon/status/1311677106456231947?s=21 The letter goes a little something like this according to media reports in the area. “We, the following citizens of Michiana, oppose abortion on demand and defend the right to life from fertilization to natural death,” a statement on the ad’s first page reads. “Please continue to pray to end abortion.” Barrett’s name is listed on the page.
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