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Report: Amtrak driver in deadly Washington derailment knew he was going over speed limit

TACOMA, WASHINGTON --   The deadly Amtrak derailment that took place earlier this month in the city of Dupont, ehum, claimed a total of 6 reported lives.  Days after the derailment, now, more details about the derailment and the man behind the wheel of the train are now surfacing. In fact, we are issuing a correction on our own report from earlier this month. The National Transportation Authority in the United States released a preliminary report about their findings from the crash. In that report, authorities determined that three people died and upwards of 70 were injured in the fatal derailment. The report subsequently notes that the driver apparently knew that the train was going to fast for its own good, but, didn't know it until it was far too late. The Los Angeles Times not...
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