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U.S wrongly terminates 1955 treaty with Iran

U.S wrongly terminates 1955 treaty with Iran

A populist 1955  treaty with Iran, uh, is no more. After  the U.N ruled that the U.S must lift sanctions against Iran, the U.S, decided to end the longstanding treaty entirely.   U.S Secretary of State  Mike Pompeo took to Sunday's talk-show circuit, where, he acknowledged that the U.S will "not needlessly stand by" without taking action. The decision by the U.N's High Court came after Iran levied a complaint, that,    the U.S's sanctions violated the Amity Treaty. It's also worth noting that John Bolton, that one crazy guy,  announced that the U.S would also be pulling out of a Vienna Convention amendment in relation to Iran and its allies -- the AP reports.  
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