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Scientists are now saying alien life is more probable than ever, here’s why

In the last year alone, we’ve learned so much about the earth and the planets that encompass our universe and galaxy. Scientists, however, now say that our very galaxy and universe probably exists for various forms of life. A new pressing argument has emerged and one that could prove to have consequences. Lead scientists of the study revealed that there are elements required for life obviously floating around space. In that argument, scientists count the fact that they’re confident in their previous discovery that there are probably about 100 times more life encouraging molecules floating around up there. A bit of internet research found that our solar system contains roughly 400 billion or so stars within its galaxy. 100x more in terms of life baring molecules makes the p...
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A scientist has revealed a marvelous way we may find alien life, but it could be more telling than humanity may be ready for

Scientists are out yet again with new reports on how humanity may discover the existence of alien life. This time though their revelation seems a little more possible than the last. Researchers are out this week with another marvelous clue in the hunt for intelligent life. According to researchers, humanity may need to point their focus for alien life to none other than Dyson Spheres. Dyson Spheres were first explored in the astronomy community in 1960 by researcher Freeman J. Dyson. What Freeman Dyson did in his Dyson sphere paper is of course point out that, actually, we might want to look for industrial activities that are not intended to communicate,' Anders Sandberg said in an interview with Vice.   'It's just that [aliens] create structures that we w...
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