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Paypal pulls plug on  conspiracy website Infowars
UK News, Your take?

Paypal pulls plug on conspiracy website Infowars

Another calendar week, uh, another bad day for Alex Jones & Info Wars. According to Paypal, the financial payments giant has announced that it has banned Info Wars from using its payment systems ever again.   Per Paypal's announcement, it, appears the company is cracking down on those who use their systems and ensuring that they abide by the company's ideologic values. Info Wars, of course,  argues that Paypal is attempting to silence an "influential media outlet".   Although it's worth noting, that, much of the actual internet is very well aware that Alex Jones is nothing short of a crack-pot conspiracy theorist  pushing the oddest of theories. Info Wars declined to comment  to the Daily News when approached about their shoddy history with false information.
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