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New Coronavirus variant found in South Africa understood to be making waves in fight against the pandemic

A new report out by Reuters highlights a potentially worrisome new feat. According to the report, a new variant of the Coronavirus has been discovered. Officials have reportedly identified the variant as the C.1.2 variant and it is understood to have been found in South Africa as early as May. According to other reports, see here, the variant so far has been discovered in England, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal, and Switzerland. The variants are spreading rapidly in some parts of the world due to limited vaccine status across multiple regions. Scientists have identified areas of "concern" regarding multiple mutations within the variant of discovery.
Exclusive: The extraordinary Dr Emto and his nefarious web of lies
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Exclusive: The extraordinary Dr Emto and his nefarious web of lies

Editors Note: This story was brought to us by an editor in Abuja who then directed us to numerous extraordinary tales of an alleged ("doctor") who in more ways than one does not actually appear to be a doctor but instead a notorious grifter. Dr Emto, as he calls himself, is actually Emmanuel Uweh. This is only the first part of a wide-net investigation into the scam that is believed to span Nigeria to America. https://twitter.com/Postsubman/status/1370661478131494914?s=20 Dr Emto is a notorious supposed doctor that long has ran an apparent grifting scam using a Whatsapp group and would-be investors hungry for their next project. The project, however, doesn't appear to be real at all but instead part of a much larger scam that traces back to various different projects all l...
How Kenya is handling the University attacks

How Kenya is handling the University attacks

How Kenya is Handling the University Attack   The Garissa University College Attack was an attack by Somali militants thatkilled 147 students and teachers. It was one of the biggest ever terrorist attacks in Africa. What stunned the world was the severity of the attack. Many students weren’t killed as they fled. They were captured and executed in full view of their friends.   Kenya is an African nation that has reacted strongly to the attack, both domestically and internationally. Let’s take a look at some of the effects the crisis had on Kenyan society and policy.   The Budget for Anti-Terrorism   Anti-terrorism was already being heavily funded. Kenya continued to increase its international lines of credit to combat the terrorists. This included more dome...
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