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Canadian woman receives extremely unusual punishment for killing child

A newborn child at that.  An unnamed Canadian woman is in the news this weekend, ehum, after a Montreal court ruled on her rather unusual punishment for killing her newborn child.     According to documents obtained by The Daily News (no names were attached), the 43-year-old woman unexpectedly gave birth in July 2016 at her home. And then, it happened.  Her baby ended up dead in a trash bag with severe head wounds, because, she apparently didn't know that she was pregnant and shocked that she had given birth.  Now, a Montreal court has ruled that for the next five years she must submit and take a pregnancy test every six months. Yes you read that right.  The court ruled that  she was non-psychotic and had amnesia, therefore,   her argument that she didn't know she was pregnant the...
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Texas’s abortion law declared unconstitutional

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Good news in Austin this week as a Texas judge has overturned a ban on "dilation and evacuation" abortions ruling the previously declared law on such abortions unconstitutional.  Judge Lee reportedly ruled that the ban (stemming from Texas's ruling over the summer on second trimester abortions) is "facially unconstitutional" and results in doctors going against their best medical judgement. "The court is unaware of any other medical context that requires a doctor—in contravention of the doctor's medical judgment and the best interest of the patient—to conduct a medical procedure that delivers no benefit to the woman."  Judge Yeakel wrote in his final decision on the matter. An hour after the ruling, the Texas AG's office announced that they would be filing an immedia...
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