Admitting to the idea you’ve been scammed; taken advantage of, or whatever you would like to call it is not the easiest task. But as I said a while ago, I would continue to expose KassoMadeBrands and Leon Andrade for the scammy frauds that they are.

The Gucci Rython shoes that Kasso Made Brands/ Leon Andrade stole from me under the guise that he would alter the base colour for me/ clean a scratch that had appeared weeks after this photograph was taken.

I first met Kasso about a year and a half or so ago at Barclays Center at a store called Delancey Leather. A leather salesman, he was introduced to me by a former friend as he told me he could spiff-and-shine my Gucci Rython shoes ahead of my would-be attendance of Fashion Week at the time. Little did I know, that Andrade would instead not perform the agreed-to-service and instead decide to keep my Rython shoes.

He told me initially it would take about 2-3 weeks for a full clean-up; to paint them my desired colour (I wanted the base colour altered), and to have them returned. I was fine with that under the pretence that he was as he claimed a reputable fashion designer that could do the job for me. Instead what I got was a deceptive “fashion designer” who has told me to this day 37 different stories as to why I haven’t gotten my shoes back.

Since then, I’ve contacted Leon/his “brand” at least twice a week to this very day asking about my shoes and why they haven’t been given back to me. I’ve been told…

  • They would be shipped to me
  • He’s “so busy” and “out of town” that he can’t go home to get them and bring them to me.
  • Nobody’s home to give them to me.
  • They’re in his house but he’s “so busy.”

Trust me when I say this I know a scam-artist when I see one. I knew months ago that Leon was up to dirty tricks with my shoes. That is why he is the subject of a pending suit; criminal charges, among other things. I’m just at the point to where I am tired of having to be the one to make “black people” look bad (because that’s what people have told me for a long time. I got assaulted somebody told me not to pursue charges. because that would land another black dude in jail; Leon stole from me people are telling me not to pursue charges because a black man goes to jail/ loses his business.)

Honestly I’m sick of it. Being black does not equate to getting a way with bloody everything. You do the crime you do the time.

This man cannot be trusted in any. sense form. or. fashion. I do not believe that he has a “staff” or ambassadors as he says. And if he does, he is openly lying on them implicating them in a crime.

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