Today is a day far-and-wide in America that people remember none other than Martin Luther King Jr. In America, today is the day that nationally people take a moment to remember the impact of King. more than 50 years after his assassination.

  1. The civil rights icon’s name was actually Michael.

According to historians, he was actually born Michael King Jr. It wasn’t until his father travelled to Germany that his father became inspired by a minister known as Martin Luther.

2. In America..

According to available records, there are currently more than 730 streets in America named after MLK.

3. King…

Entered Moorehouse College in 1944 at the age of 15. He was so exceptionally gifted that he skipped grades 9-12 according to historical reports presently available about his education.

4. His widow Coretta…

Once believed that he was the subject of a conspiracy plot by the government and additional people(s) that later to his assassination. As of 2000, the government in the U.S maintains that it did not kill Martin Luther King.

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