Dear Readers,

At The Daily News we pride ourselves on remaining as impartial as possible, although, we are still humans.   We make our judgement calls based on facts; evidence, and things submitted to us (after our carefully created vetting process).    Over the years, we’ve gone from child bloggers talking about pictures and fashion to big-time journalists talking about politics and ending the careers of would-be governors and supreme leaders.

Therefore, this is why we’re writing this letter.  We’ve matured; we’ve changed.  Our stories inside this newspaper are of all kinds;  political stances,  and variety. Our own political  beliefs rarely (if ever) influence the way we report, however, we will acknowledge it when it does.

Always remember, we can be contacted by text/phone at 347-509-9075.  If you’d like to contact our Editor in Chief directly please phone 347-328-7539 or contact by e-mail: (Please be advised all texts are archived, and, calls may be recorded for quality assurance. They are never disclosed, nor,  do audio tapes see a release..).


Daily News Editorial Staff.

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