Lawmakers in the U.S have reached a deal on the stimulus bill, here’s what you need to know

Lawmakers in the U.S have reached a deal on the stimulus bill, here’s what you need to know

You might need to read this because truthfully it seems like the stimulus bill is actually meant to better benefit big business rather than the average American. Shortly after 1am last night, Washington officials on both sides of the aisle confirmed that an agreement had been made to pass relief for the country.

But: Let’s be clear Americans are only getting a single one-time $1,200 check. Meanwhile, billions will go to big business among other things.

Clearly: This was moreso an attempt by House Democrats to stifle Trump and others from getting investments and monies from the stimulus bill because of pieces of the legislation literally layout that said parties are barred from receiving any money.

Here’s the important things Americans need to know (The Washington Post.)

  1. You will be getting a single one-time $1,200 check from the legislation. What exactly politicians think that’ll get you remains to be totally seen.
  2. A $367B loan programme for small businesses is on the way. Who exactly will be administering that is still pretty murky, but it looks like Treasury Secretary Munchin will have a say. (That could be a bad thing.)
  3. $500B worth of subsidized loans are headed for the much larger industries (like uh, ehum, the airlines for example.).
  4. The everyday American has largely been left out of the stimulus bill as expected.
  5. Under the newly negotiated bill, lower income Americans (etc) will receive at least 2/3 of the benefits in question.
  6. Do not expect the government to jump until at least May.

It is expected to formally pass the Senate, however, the House is actually currently out of session.

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