Deborah Dugan is pictured

Days ahead of the 2020 Grammys ceremony, the ceremony is without a President. On Friday, the Academy confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that Deborah Dugan has been suspended amid an investigation into an assault claim made last year that just now made wind to officials.

It appears that the accuser is actually a senior member of the Academy but wasn’t officially named in formal complaints.

Editors Correction: 17 January 2020 – 1:03 pm EST

Following the publication of this report, we were made aware of an apparent memo that Dugan had been flouting around the Academy and to HR.

The memo purportedly revealed financial mismanagement; differences, wage differences, sketchy voting practices, and foul behaviour among members of the Academy. Two separate sources confirm that the mysterious sexual misconduct allegation did not surface until news of the memo became knowledge to people within the Academy.

“She was fine until people started to get deeper wind of the memo she was writing. People didn’t like that she was threatening to out much of what has gone on for several years, including that of those that have often mismanaged things from within the Academy. Dugan is an innocent woman being framed by men who don’t want to lose their seat in power that they’ve had for a helluva long time.”

It is unclear as to how or what direction the alleged assault claim will go.

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