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Not so fast: You may or may not have to have papers to booze say UK officials

With the UK set to begin testing events on how to get people back to somewhat normal of lives --- there are an equal number of reports suggesting vaccine passports are imminent. According to those reports, the government has cautioned that it is not yet fully clear whether or not pubs will be req'd to demand vaccine passports from patrons. That may or may not put a damper on some plans to immediately return to the pubs following the lifting of said lockdown restrictions. But there remains to be seen whether or not political uniformity will help the idea take hold. The Mail reports that Labour party members and even some Tories are likely going to come out against the idea. Alike their American counterparts, they're also branding the idea discriminatory and divisive.
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Ghislaine Maxwell is now facing two new charges likely sealing her fate forever

Former pimp Ghislaine Maxwell is facing two new federal charges in the United States that reportedly bring her rapsheet to 8 total charges. A complete list of charges that likely will put her away for the rest of her life if she is actually convicted — granted she doesn’t suddenly supply the prosecution with tangible information related to anyone else. The AP reports that Maxwell is this time accused of grooming two additional minors that were believed to be around 13-14 years old at the time. Court papers show that she played an integral role in the grooming of the minors who alike others have not been formally identified even as adults. This time prosecutors allege that the attacks happened between 2001 and 2004 at Epstein ‘s since sold Palm Beach residence.
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UK wants biz to stop allowing people to work from home and bring them back to the office

But many don't appear to be hip to such an idea. Like people across the world many Britons have realised that working from home isn't quite that bad. According to Sky News, Chancellor Sunak has asked employers how do they plan to begin removing the WFH benefit in exchange for in office employment. The answers aren't all that clear. Many people working from home are realising that their jobs can in fact be done from home despite a cranky boss in their face all day. "I'm probably in the camp of saying that it's good that people are in offices together," he said per Sky News. Sunak claims that some will bounce from their employers and go to someone who offers them a desk at work which may or may not be true for some.
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More travel destinations to be removed from England ‘s red travel list

But don’t expect nothing to change. Instead, , Ethiopia, Oman, Somalia and Qatar will be added to the list requiring Britons to quarantine upon return. According to the government, Portugal and Mauritus are coming off the infamous COVID red travel list which will open the door for vacation once travel resumes fully. The list is in reference to England ‘s “travel ban list” which lawfully requires Britons to quarantine upon return to the country. The government maintains that the risk of importing a variant of COVID from those two spots has greatly been reduced. The removal also is set to be including including  Madeira and the Azores.
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Wayne Couzens, a Metro Police Officer, has been charged with the grisly murder of Sarah Everard

In a stunning yet heartbreaking turn of events -- a British police officer has been charged in the murder and disappearance of Sarah Everard. Everard disappeared from her neighbourhood earlier this month in a disappearance that stunned the nation. Everard had disappeared while walking home in South London though at the time it was unclear what exactly had happened. On Friday, Metro police confirmed that one of their own had been arrested and charged with her grisly murder. From what we understand, Everard 's remains were found on 10 March in Kent with suspicions of a suspect having followed hours later. Due to the looming trial in this case -- w...
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England is poised to begin slowly reopening

England is poised to finally begin easing lockdown restrictions. According to the government, England is set to allow people to begin gathering outside of their homes in groups of 2 beginning 8 March. The AP reports that PM Johnson made the announcement Monday which is set to coincide with the fact pupils will be headed back to the classroom officially. People will still have partial restrictions though most will finally be able to go out for a drink or a spot of lunch with a pal.
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So Long: The Duke & Duchess of Sussex confirm they will not be headed back to the palace as working royals

And they're out. According to Buckingham Palace Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex have confirmed officially that they will not be returning to life as working royals likely ever. The announcement came after high level talks between the royal family and the Sussex family some of which appear to be doing just fine on their own. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed to Her Majesty The Queen that they will not be returning as working members of The Royal Family,” the Palace said in a statement. “While all are saddened by their decision, The Duke and Duchess remain much loved members of the family,” the statement from the Palace concluded.
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Megs and Harry are expecting a second child

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex are officially expecting their second child. According to a spokesperson for the couple, the Duchess is of course happier than ever. "We can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child," a spokesperson for the couple told PEOPLE Magazine.
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UK Hospitals: Wanna park that car? That’ll be some £ £ £

You'd think in a time like this nurse heroes would be ones to get freebies; discounts, and other stuff but that isn't the case. In a bombshell exclusive out this week, The Mirror uncovered how a series of NHS hospitals are apparently charging said heroes upwards of £500 to park their cars at Epsom and St Heller. Bosses apparently claim that the move comes amid "increased demand" and is meant to help reduce said demand. Although it seems crass and despicable to charge these people to park their cars when they are quite literally saving our lives. The hospitals join a series of other businesses and such that in more ways than one are profiting off of the pandemic.
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Princess Eugenie has given birth

The Princess is officially a Mum. According to Buckingham Palace, Princess Eugenie has given birth to a beautiful baby this week. While she has not revealed any details about the baby or its name -- the unidentified youngster is now the 11th in line to the British throne. Princess Eugenie herself is 10th in line to the throne.
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