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Commuters can expect very long lines at Heathrow because the governments response totally sucks ass

Coupled with a struggle to respond to long lines; safety measures, and a boon at the immigration line -- Heathrow Airport is pissed this week because its customers simply have just had enough. According to CNN, the airport has released a statement amid consumer and customer complaints in person and on social media because let's face it you'd get to your destination faster walking than you would through immigration or a regular airport line. "We are very sorry that passengers faced unacceptable queuing times in immigration last night (Friday) due to too few Border Force officers on duty," a Heathrow spokesperson said in a statement on Saturday."The Border Force were aware of the extra demand from families and we were very disappointed that they did not provide sufficient resources," t...
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England is launching vaccine passports, here’s everything you need to know

Joining several other places in doing so England is now launching its own version of vaccination passports. According to the government, in the coming weeks people will be required to actually show their vaccination status to enter nightclubs and venue like places. The BBC reports that government vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi made the announcement though such was met with swift backlash. The same report shows that Scotland is also reportedly on the verge of their own vaccine passports. In Scotland alone, 1 in 75 people had the Coronavirus last week in itself.
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England has now made it easier for vaxxed travelers to enter and travel through the country

Though it is still advised to travel absolutely in the safest manner if travel is necessary for you or your family. According to the government, travelers from the European Union and the United States both are now permitted to enter England so long as they have been vaxxed by lawfully approved vaccines. Travelers from France will still have to quarantine while American and other European travelers will not. Travelers will still have to take a pre-test and a test upon departure/while in the country for the simple fact you can still get COVID while vaxxed.
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A newly discovered variant of the Coronavirus has emerged in the U.K

Officials are now stating that a newly discovered variant of the Coronavirus has emerged in the U.K. It is understood that the variant appears to have been present for some time, although just recently has been detected on a scale large enough to attract the attention of government officials. Known as the “Colombian variant” the variant appears to have emerged in Colombia and has been traced to at least 16 cases so far — meaning it is spreading though it is unclear how fast. It is not believed to be spreading in the community as of yet as such indications have not been fully detected by public health officials. The following variants are also under investigation in the U.K as the country grapples with its own Coronavirus narrative. Zeta (E484K) Eta (E484K) B.1.1.318...
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Even as the Delta variant rages, and still many unanswered questions, face masks to become optional in the U.K

U.K folks are in for a massive change in the coming days. According to CNN, UK officials have confirmed that beginning over the course of the next several weeks masks will become entirely optional. The decision does of course come against the backdrop of what is called the Delta variant of the deadly COVID-19 virus. As it is understood, it is not totally understood as to whether or not vaccines protect everyone from the virus and not just small portions who get it (there are vaccinated people still turning up with the perceived-to-be-deadlier variant.) Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick told Sky News: "I don't particularly want to wear a mask, I don't think a lot of people enjoy doing it."We will be moving into a phase though, where these will be matters of personal choice and so some ...
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Britain takes a bite out of crypto as it bans Binance ‘s UK ops

It's official. In a startling warning dated 25 June, Britain 's finance regulator announced that Finance is for the foreseeable future banned from carrying out regulated activities of any kind. In the same notice the app is regarded as a controversial app and should be questioned by consumers. Binance Markets in a statement to. Reuters denied and wrongdoing citing that they follow all appropriate laws. "We take a collaborative approach in working with regulators and we take our compliance obligations very seriously. We are actively keeping abreast of changing policies, rules and laws in this new space," a spokesperson said.
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Shocking allegations of racism surface out of Buckingham Palace amid reports that “Coloured” people were banned from top jobs

Allegations of racism inside the walls of Buckingham Palace have surfaced (but it certainly is not the first time.) National Archives documents that surfaced this week have revealed that as late as 1968 — Buckingham Palace was openly banning coloured people (including immigrants and foreigners) from working top office jobs inside the royal household. Though they could openly work only domestic jobs but were barred from others. The documents were revealed in a wide-ranging Guardian piece against the backdrop of an investigation into how the Queen ‘s influence remains so plush today. Considering that Queen Elizabeth II is mostly a ceremonial head, the investigation appears to be centred around the private dealings generally unknown to the public. One tidbit revealed in 1968 by ...
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UK BLM leader Sasha Johnson shot in head, listed in critical condition: Reports

Heartbreaking news today as it has been revealed that prominent activist Sasha Johnson has been shot and is in critical condition. Johnson who is best known for her activism in the UK branch of the Black Lives Matter movement was shot over the weekend at a reported house party according to Metro police. While unclear exactly what led to the reported shooting, Johnson, is listed in critical condition and is believed to be fighting for her life. Johnson 's political allies from the Taking the Initiative party confirmed that she was the victim shot over the weekend, though, it had not initially been confirmed by police. Johnson had long received death threats over her activism though it is unclear if those are connected to the shooting. A post by the party on IG confirmed t...
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Inquiry finds the BBC gave Princess Diana a load of crap to get that infamous panorama interview

The BBC has some explaining to do about its former editor. Martin Bashir, the man behind the infamous panorama interview, has since been revealed to allegedly be a malicious journalist who used false and misleading tactics to nail the interview. According to an inquiry, Bashir has been found to have used misleading tactics and fake bank statements to secure his tell-all with the then Princess Diana. Inquiries maintain that Bashir used the false bank statements to induce the Spencer family particularly Charles Spencer to grant an interview with Princess Diana. Diana was falsely led to have believed that the royal family was spying on her according to a judge's report. He deceived and induced him to arrange a meeting with Princess Diana," writes former judge Lord John Dyson in h...
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The polls have closed and it is expected that Labour could be dealt a tremendous blow (again)

Hotly dubbed "Super Thursday" the U.K is at it again with its elections. Expected to widely have profound implications for the future of the country and the Labour party -- results are widely expected to be finished sometime Monday. Local COVID-19 restrictions are hindering the ability to fully count everything on what would be the usual timescale. We'll have plenty more and the results on Monday as they fully come in. In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is hoping for a landslide because she hopes that SNP will get a second chance to argue and push for Scotland 's independence from Britain. A separation of state between Scotland and England would have profound implications once again similar to the way that Brexit did when it first went through. Hartlepool is particularly a hotspot...
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Stunning tale of murder-suicide rocks London as police open inquest into grisly discovery of couple ‘s bodies

A tale of a love relationship gone wrong in Harrogate has shocked the U.K this week. In Harrogate, the story of two Chenise Gregory and Michael McGibbon, both 29 ended after both were found stabbed to death in their Hilton hotel room. According to North Yorks police, they believe the acts to have been an alleged murder-suicide though an inquest has been opened into their deaths. Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Jonathan Sygrove of North Yorkshire Police’s Major Investigation Team said (per reports): 'An investigation into the circumstances around the deaths is ongoing, but the evidence we have gathered at this stage suggests it as a suspected murder-suicide. 'A post-mortem has taken place that has confirmed the couple died from stab wounds. We are treating Ms Gregory’s death as ...
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Boris under siege ⌛️

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is apparently in deep trouble. According to the Electoral Commission, Boris Johnson is under investigation for alleged wrongdoing; misuse of funds, and failure to actually notify the commission of improperly raised funds. Much of the investigation surrounds Johnson 's decision to renovate his Downing Street flat, some of which, he allegedly used conservative donors and their donations to do so. But those aren't the only allegations hitting Downing Street. According to a previously written CNN article, Johnson is also facing allegations that he was happy to let Britons die to prevent another wave from hitting the country. One of the larger controversies is that of the alleged funding for the renovation. Having totaled a reported 200,000 it is unc...
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Did cancel culture coax this budding Broadway choreographer into suicide?

The death of Broadway star and choreograph Liam Scarlett sent waves throughout the community. But new reports suggest that his death (also a suicide) may have been against the backdrop of allegations of sexual grooming and unwanted contact by others. The initial allegations against Scarlett first appeared in 2018. By 2019, productions on shows he was in all but had dried up and nobody wanted to work with him. An equally eye-popping report in The Daily Mail shows that in the months after his suicide producers apparently struggled to fill shows out of fear of having worked with him in the past. Scott had notoriously been accused of sending and asking his colleagues for sexual photos; touching backsides, and making unwanted passes at people that were not warranted.
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Not so fast: You may or may not have to have papers to booze say UK officials

With the UK set to begin testing events on how to get people back to somewhat normal of lives --- there are an equal number of reports suggesting vaccine passports are imminent. According to those reports, the government has cautioned that it is not yet fully clear whether or not pubs will be req'd to demand vaccine passports from patrons. That may or may not put a damper on some plans to immediately return to the pubs following the lifting of said lockdown restrictions. But there remains to be seen whether or not political uniformity will help the idea take hold. The Mail reports that Labour party members and even some Tories are likely going to come out against the idea. Alike their American counterparts, they're also branding the idea discriminatory and divisive.
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Ghislaine Maxwell is now facing two new charges likely sealing her fate forever

Former pimp Ghislaine Maxwell is facing two new federal charges in the United States that reportedly bring her rapsheet to 8 total charges. A complete list of charges that likely will put her away for the rest of her life if she is actually convicted — granted she doesn’t suddenly supply the prosecution with tangible information related to anyone else. The AP reports that Maxwell is this time accused of grooming two additional minors that were believed to be around 13-14 years old at the time. Court papers show that she played an integral role in the grooming of the minors who alike others have not been formally identified even as adults. This time prosecutors allege that the attacks happened between 2001 and 2004 at Epstein ‘s since sold Palm Beach residence.
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