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Bolsonaro won’t acknowledge NYC ‘s vax mandate during UN General Assembly

If there is one thing that Bolsonaro is good for that is being consistent in his hatred for science and general common sense. On Tuesday, the Brazilian leader is expected to address the United Nations Assembly in New York City though intends to break the law doing so. While the UN Headquarters are considered international territory, er, the event still takes place in New York City where such vaccination requirements are actually mandatory. According to Reuters,UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres confirmed despite the flack that Bolsonaro cannot actually be legally removed from the headquarters as American laws don't fully apply on the inside. The crackpot leader is expected to draw much ire from NYC as most people including the rich and famous are all wearing masks and followi...
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America is trying to pass a bill that could dramatically change the lives of the elderly and disabled, it’s hitting roadblocks big time

GOPers in America have made one thing abundantly clear and that is the fact that they don’t want people to live better lives. According to the Huffington Post, Democrats and their spending bill which includews a monster boost to care for the elderly and the disabled are facing major hurdles. Among those hurdles are GOPers and Republicans who want to slash funding for such things in half. Funding that could dramatically improve the lives of your loved ones; your neighbors, and most people you know who are disabled or in care. The services formally known as “home based community services” offer a vital lifeline to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to fully suffice in society on their own (whether due to age or disability.) That lifeline also often includes the basic right th...
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Larry Elder, who is running for Gov of California, wants to give descendants of slave owners reparations

In California politics quite literally anything is actually possible. The leading GOP candidate hoping to replace Gavin Newsom is making headlines around the world this week after he made some fairly shocking claims about slavery reparations. Before we go any further yes that GOPer is Larry Elder and yes Elder is a Black man who contrary to what he probably believes also came from the enslaved himself. When people talk about reparations, do they really want to have that conversation? Like it or not, slavery was legal,' Elder said.  'Their legal property was taken away from them after the Civil War, so you could make an argument that the people that are owed reparations are not only just Black people but also the people whose 'property' was taken away after the end of the ...
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Andrew Cuomo is about to be impeached according to several reports

New York 's General Assembly is about to go somewhere nobody has gone in New York in quite some time.This week officials reportedly notified the office of Andrew Cuomo that the investigation into his impeachment proceedings and his wrongdoings is getting close to wrapping up entirely. The Assembly has been investigating the embattled governor since at least March against the backdrop of claims that he has been abusing the powers of his office to lure women. It's worth noting that the impeachment proceedings are a separate deal into Cuomo and are not directly related to the other investigation into the shocking allegations against him. Multiple counties in New York are now demanding that a criminal investigation be opened into Cuomo, who, has largely been silent since that damning AG...
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It looks like Washington has decided to get it together, a legislative infrastructure bill has been announced

Washington has announced this evening that a bipartisan legislative bill focusing on a massive infrastructure package has once again gained steam. Though it’s worth noting here that while general infrastructure is vital in this bill, it has not yet addressed the opposite human infrastructure bill which currently faces strong opposition from Republican leaders party-wide. The bipartisan group of senators has finished writing the text of the infrastructure bill," the New York Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, "And in a moment I'll take the procedural steps to make their legislative language the base of the bill here on the floor." CNN reports that the near 2,000 page document has had quite a few changes and is understood to be unnecessarily heavy on paper. The bill doe...
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Gotcha: Fox News’ talking heads may be against vax passports, but Fox has them anyway

Fox News isn't quite the place you'd expect to think may or may not have vaccine passports. But according to a new report from CNN, Fox 's parent company has implemented them far ahead of the game but that wasn't known until now. While a voluntary service (which allows people to bypass health screenings) -- the passports are mostly under the radar as the network struggles with a bout of vaccine hesistancy and all around misinformation. E-mails obtained by CNN Business show that the company implemented their "pass" some time ago although it is unclear if it is actually being used. Fox's talking heads generally have been fairly anti-vax; anti COVID-19, and the like until roughly this week when Sean Hannit begged his viewers to take the virus seriously.
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The pandemic eviction ban in America is ending next month, here’s what you need to know (like right now)

A pandemic inspired eviction ban in the United States is poised to come to an end next month but not without much public discussion. This week the United States Supreme Court ruled against a group of landlords that had hoped their ruling would cease the moratorium and allow them to move forward with waves of evictions. The court rejected the idea given that the eviction ban is set to expire next month, and, within that month states would have just enough time to allocate federally allocated monies towards eviction funds in their jurisdictions. On Tuesday, SCOTUS voted 5-4 to leave the ban in place in an effort to provide states 30 extra days to sufficiently disperse billions in emergency rental funds (granted people can actually get through the endless bureaucratic red tape.) W...
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Supreme Court decides against wading into the discussion over the draft

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided against wading into a larger gender based discussion about the civil service draft. The draft alike other countries is mandatory for men but not women at the age of 18 and requires them to register. Rights groups are now arguing that such requirements may actually be discriminatory by not requiring women to do the same — something they now want to change but SCOTUS has declined to hear the case. The U.S military last had a draft in the Vietnam War, though, has been all volunteer ever since. Rights groups argue that with the rule still standing it is harmful and should be entirely abolished.
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Texas is about to give its citizens the finger in an effort to steal the right to vote

In Texas legislators know no bounds in their quest to stop Black and Brown people from exercising their right to vote. New legislation scheduled to make its way through the local government is just that: draconian. Texas is no stranger to its voting laws usually aimed at limiting Black and Brown votes while exercising the votes of others. But with Senate Bill 7, the state is seeking to outlaw drive-thru voting; severely limit Sunday voting (when Black people generally tend to head to the polls especially the elderly) but it only starts there. And it goes far deeper. The legislation has to be approved by midnight tonight and it is universally expected to pass without much of a problem. Democrats in the state have virtually no path to stopping it, considering, the GOP rules the ...
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The WH is demanding reporters get all quotes approved and it isn’t going over well

The White House has a new policy running about and it is not sitting well with anyone. According to reports, the policy appears to suggest that reporters must get all quotes approved through the communications team of the White House -- a near unprecedented move considering that hampers publication deadlines that most outlets attend by. It was first deployed by the Obama Admin; less deployed by the Trump admin, and now in full force by the Biden admin. Politico Playbook reports that the memos were sent out apparently this week and also demand that reporters transcribe all quotes to the comms team. The rule also applies to anyone who apparently wants to attach a name to any particular interview quote. “The rule treats them like coddled Capitol Hill pages and that’s not who...
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Report: Federal authorities conducted a surprise raid on Rudy Guiliani ‘s home in New York City

Amping up the investigation into Trump 's former personal lawyer federal authorities are now in possession of all of his electronic devices. According to reports, Guiliani 's electronic devices (including cell phones) were seized by the orders of the Southern District of New York via a search warrant. Authorities are seeking to determine if Guiliani indeed actually lobbied illegally for Trump to Ukranian officials and billionaires while he was President. At the same time of the reported actions, Ukranian officials were repaying the favour by helping Guiliani dig up dirt on Trump 's reported political enemies at the time. It is unclear of the status of the investigation beyond the raid as officials are not commenting on such at this time. Calls to Guiliani went unanswered.
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U.S Congress set to hold historic talks and votes on slavery reparations next week

Congress is set to for the first time in full capacity discuss reparations on a federal level for the acts the American government committed against generations and centuries of Black people in the United States. According to The Mail, Rep Jerry Nadler is leading the discussions over reparations which arguably likely would lead into the descendants of slaves today. Reparations would more than likely be provided to descendants simply because racism and slavery in the United States didn't just ruin the lives of those before modern Black it ruined generations that followed the past versions of families that lived in the country. 'The historic markup of HR 40 is intended to continue a national conversation about how to confront the brutal mistreatment of African Americans during ...
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The Americans are already trying to figure out how to explain an upcoming confidential report on “alien life” before it goes public

Explain in the sense that a top secret intelligence report on the subject of intelligent life and such is about to go public. Explain in the sense that the general public is about to learn quite a bit more than previously known, quite possibly, the cold hard truth about whether or not we truly are alone in this Universe. By June 1, intelligence officials as part of a previously published COVID-19 relief bill are set to declassify what they know in full about the prospect of alien life. The disclosure of the report has already been described as “hard to explain” and will almost certainly bring forward many questions about what those in the halls of power already knew. https://twitter.com/danielchaitin7/status/1373054999954087936?s=21
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Famed Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance poised to retire on 31 December

Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan DA who prosecuted Harvey Weinstein poised to retire. According to an interview published in The New Yorker, Vance confirmed for the first time that 2021 will be his final curtain call in office. Vance is of course presumably pretty ready to kick back after a wild last few years -- which included Weinstein 's rape trial and now Trump 's presumed fraud investigation.
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Dems are asking Biden to give up sole authority over nuclear bombs

A letter published this week has signaled an extraordinary ask of President Joe Biden. According to the letter, signed by more than 30 Democrats, House Dems are asking Biden to forfeit his sole authority to determine when; if, and how the United States launches a nuclear attack. “As president, two of your most critical and solemn duties are the security of the country and the safeguarding of its nuclear arsenal,” the letter reads. https://twitter.com/RepJimmyPanetta/status/1364253944629854208?s=20
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OAN ordered to pay $250,000 to Rachel Maddow

Looks like OAN has to pay up. According to a ruling out of California, the far-right news network has been ordered to pay MSNBC host Rachel Maddow nearly $250,000. That figure comes from reported legal fees and more from a failed defamation lawsuit that they failed to prove she actually did anything wrong. The Huffington Post reports that OAN 's Herring Networks originally tried to get Maddow for more than $10m but failed to do so. The claims made by Maddow surrounded the idea that OAN allegedly is part Russian propaganda after one of its reporters was exposed for being a Sputnik reporter. OAN is also in the midst of its own personal legal problems. Multiple voting machine companies have sued the network over the claims made by on-air personalities that the election was stolen. ...
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