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Trump Administration

Two states are now pursuing criminal charges against Trump

Because as normal Trump they can do that. According to reports and the New York Times, the state of New York and the state of Georgia have both joined forces in opening a case against Trump. It appears in Georgia the reason (at least in part) for that case is none other than Trump 's phone calls to the state's Sec of State. The Times notes that the potential charges vary quite widely. Some of those charges include election interference, attempting to interfere with someone's election duties (the Sec of State), and of course multiple in relation to his phone call to GA officials. It's yet another major turn of events for Trump who so far has largely avoided all prosecution for his crimes against the United States and beyond.
Trump Administration

Trump ‘s pardon spree has continued and he is expected to continue springing his buddies and allies from prison

As it has long been expected — Donald Trump spent his pre-Christmas week pardoning war criminals; federal criminals, allies, and his buddies. All of which totaling at least 30 or more at this point have been sprung from prison even though they all committed very real crimes. According to Buzzfeed News, those pardons ranged from Jared Kushner ‘s Dad (you read that right); to war criminals by way of Blackwater in Iraq, to former Republican members of Congress accused of federal crimes. In the coming days, it is expected that the pardon spree will continue as he is expected to spring even more of his buddies from prison. Marko Georgiev / AP (This above is Jared Kushner ‘s Dad.)
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Republicans are warming up to the idea of martial law, you should be very afraid of that

Because martial law is something that is usually seen in third world countries seeking to become a dictatorship. Earlier this week, convicted liar Michael Flynn was released from prison after having been sprung via a pardon -- but wasted no time in his bizarre demands. In a series of demands, he suggested to Donald Trump that he suspend the constitution and declare martial law over the United States of America. Such an unprecedented move would almost immediately cause nationwide hysteria considering something of the such has never really happened in the United States before. But now, a top Pentagon nominee appears to also be warming up to the idea of martial law -- simply in an effort to try and overturn the victory of Joe Biden in the election. https://twitter.com/CNNPolitic...
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In a vital year and amid a pandemic, the Trump Administration is poised to allow doctors to discriminate against LGBTQ people

Yet another Obama era rule has been rolled back by the creepishly weird Trump Administration. According to reports, Trump 's draconian administration has reportedly rolled back a healthcare regulation that made it illegal to discriminate against someone for being on the LGBTQ+ spectrum in any manner that may relate to their healthcare. The change goes hand-in-hand with the Trump Administration + the conservative movements' agenda to almost universally dismantle gay rights sin America. The rule was first proposed in May 2019 as the Trump Administration 's efforts to dismantle gay rights took flight. The change comes in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, a time when *everybody* regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity needs equitable and accessible healthca...
Trump Administration​ To Cut Billions From Education
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Trump Administration​ To Cut Billions From Education

The White House under the Trump administration wants a 12% cut in Educational funding, which translates to roughly $7.1 Billion gone. Poof. Vanish. Education no more.  While congress opposes this budget proposal, the Trump administration surely will find a way to get a measure of their wants fulfilled.  This news is quite troubling, as someone who has been greatly fortunate to attend a college the access to the knowledge I’ve acquired is laying an essential framework for my future. I imagine countless other students who would strongly oppose any cuts to education, as it is already it’s tough and to add undue stress to the building blocks of success is heartless. The details on Trumps Administration cut to education proposal includes  -The federal government ...
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The Death Penalty Is Revived In The United States of America

Men are playing God...again. The death penalty in America under Attorney General William Barr is strongly being considered. A new execution protocol, replacing the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions with the single drug, pentobarbital. The last federal execution was carried out in 2003. While The Supreme Court outlawed state and federal death penalty laws in the 1972 decision Furman v. Georgia it was not an absolute ruling. The federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988, and expanded by Congress in 1994 and is only implemented under those criminals that are deem "the worse of the bunch". Executions have been scheduled for Daniel Lewis Lee, Lezmond Mitchell, Wesley Ira Purkey, Alfred Bourgeois and Dustin Lee Honken between December 2019 and January 2020. What...
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Trump admits that he would take info from foreign power on opponent

In a shocking admission in an ABC Interview, Donald Trump appears to have admitted on record that if he were approached by a foreign power promising information he would take it. “I think I’d take it,” President Trump said in an interview. “If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI.” “You don’t call someone from the FBI,” the president said. “You throw somebody out of your office, you do whatever you have to do.” The excerpts come from a two day interview conducted by ABC with Donald Trump, some of which, has further fueled calls for his impeachment considering accepting that information would actually be technically considered treason. https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1138936855573999616?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A...
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ISIS’s failed plot against America explained: Deep Dive

Looks like a major terror plot was foiled at the US Border [and it also appears that the federal government wasn't aware]. While his story remains to be fully confirmed -- an ISIS recruit was caught on tape last month in an interrogation revealing damning details. Details that allegedly included a plot to overthrow the U.S Economy by way of transporting English-speaking terrorists through the border. He was allegedly first recruited into ISIS in 2016 by their intelligence firm emni. The revelations have sent shockwaves through Washington -- mostly because the Trump Administration is so far concerned about immigrants that they missed the signs of what would've been a grave terrorist attack. “They were going to move me to the Mexican side [of the U.S. southern border] via Puerto Rico....
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Prosecutors grant immunity to another Trump ally

The battle for immunity deals is heating up, and,  it turns out apparently everybody in Trump ‘s inner circle is among the firsts willing to cooperate with the feds. According to reports,  Allen Weisselberg (the CFO of the Trump Organization) has been granted immunity in cooperation for providing info on the payments made to multiple women. The same women Trump has repeatedly lied about sleeping with, and now,  that part of the whole saga remains critical to Mueller ‘s own investigation (apart from its own connection to multiple criminal cases against Trump ‘s own associates). Reports indicate that the tape leaked by Omarosa proved that Weisselberg, uh, also knew about the payments made to Karen.   In the tape, he, can be overheard telling Cohen specific instructions on how to make ...
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Amid furor over his lies, Trump, orders makeover for Air Force One

Despite the international uproar over his performance in Helinski, U.S President  Donald Trump has reportedly ordered a makeover for Air Force One (the Presidential plane).  Per reports, and Boeing, the Chicago  based aviation company confirmed that they were awarded a $3.9B contract for two new Presidential planes. Meanwhile, the original confirmation came from Sarah Sanders the WH Press Secretary. Sanders, who knowingly likes to dodge most questions,   decidedly answered the burning question about Air Force One  during yesterday's press conference. The plane now, uh,   had been painted the blue colours in which it is during the  Kennedy era.  The colours, at the time, were chosen by then First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.     It's worth noting that Trump intends to change it back ...
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Donald Trump admits Michael Cohen ‘s role in Stormy Daniels payment

According to Donald Trump, ehum,  he indeed knew of the payment to Stormy Daniels and even authorized it.  Per tweets  from Donald Trump, the bewildering American leader,    confirmed on social media that Michael Cohen made the payment. And then received a reimbursement through a "monthly retainer". She  "received a monthly retainer, not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign, from which he entered into, through reimbursement, a private contract" with Daniels," the president wrote. It's also worth noting that Trump had previously publicly denied knowledge of the payment. "Money from the campaign, or campaign contributions, played no roll [sic] in this transaction."  he continued on Twitter.   The revelations come after Rudy (his new lawyer) appeared last nigh...
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Trouble brewing in Washington for Trump ‘s already troubled legal team

Trump 's legal team, as of late, has seen more hoops than a  circus ring.  And Sunday, perhaps, was no different.  After Trump took to Twitter declaring that he was happy with "his current legal team" it was then revealed that two new names would be ushered in. Ehum, or so he thought. The Washington Post  revealed Sunday afternoon that the two names (Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing) won't quite be representing the President in the capacity he needs most: The Russian Investigation.     According to Trump 's current lawyer  Jay Sekulow,  they,  apparently have a few interesting conflicts of interest -- that -- essentially bar them from representing him during the investigation. Among them? Per the attorneys (who are also married to each other)  they represented former campaign ad...
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Trump announces and signs off on tariffs, with a few exemptions

As expected, Thursday brought new steel and aluminum tariffs for imports to the United States.    At the White House, surrounded by   steel workers and production specialists  the tariffs were signed into law and will take effect in 15 days.  Per the new law,  a 25%  tax will be regarded to steel imports and a 10% tax on aluminum making its way into the U.S from here on out. Canada & Mexico, however, were exempted from the tariffs all together after much backlash from Canada who threatened some pretty serious action against Trump if their international trade agreements were violated and or in any way altered.  
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Surprise! A large number of Americans are actually supporting arming teachers

Arming teachers has been the discussion of the year in America so far, and per a poll, many Americans are apparently on board with the controversial idea. In a poll conducted by The Washington Post,  over half-of-all  legal age Americans do indeed oppose the idea. But,  the other part not so much. In no surprise, Republicans support the idea as they are largely the biggest base of pro-NRA/gun wielders in the United States.  Also on the board, are Independent voters, who, also largely support the idea -- although it remains a bad one. As it has been pointed out several times before, even a good guy with a gun, can't actually stop a mass shooting (and even sometimes, they're the cause of them).  Arming teachers to the teeth with guns, or, ("suggesting that they get a bonus for c...
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Paul Manafort, Gates indicted on 32 more federal charges

Looks like Paul Manafort and Rick Gates will indeed be spending the remainder of their lives behind bars.  On Thursday,   U.S Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that both men now have 32 additional federal charges added to their rap-sheet. Among them; bank fraud, conspiracy, fraud,  falsifying tax returns,  mortgage and credit applications, and at least 14 other types of charges. Furthermore,  Manafort himself, now also stands accused of laundering millions-of-dollars into pro-Russia groups during his time working for the government of Ukraine.   It is unclear, as the Times notes, how this relates to the Trump campaign. What is known, is, that Mueller is suddenly announcing more charges than ever before as it is widely believed that he indeed has dirt on Trump himself.
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The moment of truth for Donald Trump and his shady practices

Appears to have finally come nearly to the front-and-center of all things currently Trump. In a lengthy New Yorker article,    Jeffrey Toobin has come close to what some may call an attack on Trump himself. In the article,  Toobin dives deep into Trump 's own personal sway in his business practices -- and -- how he pretty much controlled every aspect of the Miss Universe Pageant during ownership. His ownership from 1996 up until about 6 years ago, is, in fact an important and critical part of the story.  Several contestants including certain officials of the pageant revealed to the New Yorker, of how, Trump would "personally hand pick" several of the contestants he thought should win. Most of them, you guessed it, were from countries he had active or present business deals with at the t...
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