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Cyrus Vance, Manhattan ‘s DA, has ordered the charges against a BLM leader reduced

Big news in Manhattan today and a likely victory for the BLM movement under the backdrop of nonsensical charges. According to the office of Cyrus Vance (that's the DA here guys), the charges of felony assault against Derrick Ingram have been dropped to a misdemeanour assault. The charges stem from a July episode in Queens, whereas, cops allege that Abraham used a blow-horn in a female officers' ear. He now faces little to no jail time if convicted. NYC Patrolman's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch blasted the decision to drop the felony charge against Ingram. 'Is there any doubt who is in charge of this city now? The criminal mob is dictating their terms to the NYPD brass and district attorneys, who are tripping over themselves to comply,' Lynch said in a st...
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Black HIstory ,White Crime

  DO BLACKS KILL MORE THAN WHITES? I thought I'd share some of the conversations I'm Having during Black History Month. Facebook allows me to engage in almost any and every type of group and you would not believe the crap people say out of their mouths. Some things just shouldn't be said. This one group,( I won't mention the name because the administrator has not given me permission) had a blow out discussion about blacks killing more than whites. I was just there for the comments. I've learned to STFU when talking to people who are angry and stupid. Especially when they suffer from a combination of both. In school I had to research a similar topic; rather I chose to research this topic because I didn't think blacks killed more than whites.(I still don't ) I paused for a second a...
Socially Black Issues

California woman sues Wal-Mart for an unusually interesting reason

Because, strangely,     products marketed to black people are under heavier security measures in the store in her city --  but products for white folks are not.   Per The Mail Online, the woman has been identified as Mrs Gundy. We're going to have to side with Mrs Gundy on this one.   Gundy,  released a video of her local Wal-Mart in Perrie California. In that Wal-Mart, nearly all  black-oriented cosmetic products are locked up behind a glass case. In case it couldn't get anymore interesting, The Daily News phoned Wal-Mart when we heard about this story.  The response we got, ehum,  was interesting to say the least. "Wal-Mart takes inclusion and dive...
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