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Tucker Carlson: Masks are a form of child abuse

Right-wing T.V host Tucker Carlson is back at it again with his less than stellar public suggestions. This week during his broadcast, the T.V host suggested that young people including children wearing a mask was a form of abuse similar to physical abuse. "Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart," he says, per Mediaite. "Call the police immediately, contact child protective services. Keep calling until someone arrives. What you're looking at is abuse, it's child abuse and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it." One has to wonder whether or not Carlson may be far more crazy than people had initially thought. "If it's your own children being abused, then act accor...

India ‘s death toll from COVID-19 has surged beyond 200,000 and counting: Reports

India 's COVID nightmare is only getting worse at the hands of an inept government who failed to serve its people. According to the latest numbers, 3,293 deaths were recorded today bringing the total well past 200,000. Per official stats, 360,960 cases were recorded today alone yet another wild record for a country ravaged by the deadly virus. New Delhi officials are starting their mid-week with a horrific scene as authorities are forced to begin converting public places of gathering to death burial sites. Reports show that authorities are also reportedly converting dog burial and cremation sites into sites that can handle that oof human remains. One man has already learned the hard way amid reports that he was filmed carrying his dead wife miles across town after she had d...

A man in Spain has been charged with assault with an unusual weapon

A Mallorca man is facing 22 charges this week after apparently intentionally going to work with COVID-19. According to Spanish authorities, the worker is apparently responsible for infecting 22 other people with the Coronavirus after a plot to infect as many as he could. The Guardian reports that there may actually be more than originally thought. "I'm going to infect you all," per the police report cited by the BBC. It is unclear why the 40-year-old man plotted to do such a thing.

Study says herpes infection(s) may be linked to COVID-19 vaccines

A new study out this week paints a startling picture for people who may face adverse reactions due to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the study, Herpes Zoster may appear on some people after getting the vaccine and it isn't clear why. Researchers at the University of Tele Aviv discovered the feat in a so far contained group of people of about 6. Of about 400 or so case studies, about 6 turned up with variants of herpes after the first and second doses of the vaccination.

A young woman, 18, underwent THREE brain surgeries after getting the J&J vaccine: Report

A certainly terrifying story out of Las Vegas is making its rounds on the internet today. According to reports out of Las Vegas, an 18-year-old woman may still be in a coma this week after undergoing 3 brain surgeries following the J&J vaccination. Burkey 's family has since come out on the offensive following their daughter being airlifted to a hospital in California. The vaccine given to Burkey is believed to be one of at least 9 known cases that have caused mild or worse blood clots (some of them near fatal.) The Mail reports that Burkey is slowly improving but her family is urging others to exercise caution if they have received the vaccine from J&J. It comes amid rising reports across the U.S that there may be more issues than known with the J&J vaccine.

France may be open to travellers this summer but you likely will have to be vaccinated

French adventures might be on the books this summer for some. According to French President Emmanuel Macron, vaccinated travelers from the European Union and the Americas could soon be allowed into the country. The move comes amid hopes that by summer France could bounce back from the extraordinary economic pitfalls brought on by the pandemic. It is unclear if Britain would be allowed onto the list of green countries permitted to enter France. Though while restrictions are poised to be lifted for some others are getting tougher restrictions. Argentina; Chile, Brazil, and the like are all still and will remained banned from entering France. French ministers also confirmed over the weekend that such travelers permitted into the country will have to present their certificates to ...

We want to know how the pandemic has changed your life

We want to hear your pandemic stories. As always we've been powered by our community and now we want to hear your stories during these hard times. You don't have to share your name if you're uncomfortable with it being so public. You can share your story using the support bubble on the left side of the paper.

Report: Immunity to COVID-19 does not appear to be indefinite and would require annual vaccinations

Despite popular belief that immunity to COVID-19 may be indefinite or for extended periods of time that does not appear to be the case. According to President Biden 's Coronavirus response team, and Pfizer, people will likely need a 3rd shot (this one annually) to fend off COVID as it likely will remain with us in our lives. One of Biden 's top scientists Dr. David Kessler testified this week in Washington that immunity does appear to eventually vanish or find itself significantly weakened. We don’t know everything at this moment,” he testified. “We are studying the durability of the antibody response. It seems strong, but there is some waning of that and no doubt the variants [are a] challenge … They make these vaccines work harder.” “I think we should expect that we may ha...

An open letter to people going back to work in a pandemic and even after

The pandemic has inevitably turned me into a part-time employment coach of sorts. Friends; strangers, and loved ones have all come to me particularly for employment advice on how to negotiate their perfect job and perks that fits their needs and life. If we've all learned one thing during the pandemic it is that a business cannot survive without, and I mean this literally, said employees of the very business mentioned in this article. This article was partially inspired by a thread on Twitter involving the restaurant industry. In the thread, not shocking in any way, there were people trying to defend subpar wages for people who make restaurants possible. It is not 1965. This article in essence can apply to anyone no matter where you live whether it be America or beyond. Havi...

Bulletin: The J&J vaccine for COVID-19 in the United States has been suspended for commercial use

Editors note: This is not an article but rather a bulletin one we feel people should be aware of given reports of blood clots with the J&J vaccine. On Tuesday, the American government confirmed that J&J 's permission to use the vaccine commercially against the COVID-19 virus has been temporarily halted. The halt comes amid numerous reports of blood clots that are popping up periodically in areas where the vaccine is being used. The FDA has since announced, per the New York Times, that the drug will not be used at federal sites until further notice. The same will also go for state sites as FDA officials approach state officials about pausing until safety issues can be fully addressed. BULLETIN TIME: 11:35 am EST

Michigan may have to shut down again: CDC

The state of Michigan could soon be headed towards a lockdown once again. According to the CDC, officials are discussing with local officials the apparent need for further restrictions amid soaring COVID-19 cases in the area. The CDC reports in its latest numbers that Michigan is now seeing on average about 6,000 COVID cases a day compared to just 2k a day just days ago. It is more than a two fold increase. Dr. Rochelle Wolensky does not believe that the state could vaccinate its way out of a fourth wave, mostly, because vaccines would take some time to take full effect. When you have an acute situation, extraordinary number of cases like we have in Michigan, the answer is not necessarily to give vaccine,' she said. 'The answer to that is to really close thing downs, to bac...
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An Australian woman has died allegedly after getting the COVID-19 vaccine: Report

Yet another puzzling report of COVID-19 vaccine frustrations has emerged. According to News.com.au, an unnamed elderly woman reportedly died this week just hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine down under. Many following the report began to question whether or not it was in fact safe to take the vaccine. Chief Medical Examiner Paul Kelly said  “at this stage there are no signs of any causal link,” the Australian Associated Press reported. “It can be expected that older and more frail people in an aged care setting may pass away due to progression of underlying disease or natural causes, this does not mean the vaccine has contributed to this,” he said.

Europe is now vying for America’s unused vaccines

The race to vaccinate as many people as possible is exposing another problem with vaccinations entirely. According to the New York Times, the Astrazeneca vaccine is being hoarded mostly in America to the tune of millions of doses -- but other countries want to get their hands on them. America however has reportedly told the EU-block that such won't happen in the near future until as many Americans as possible are indeed vaccinated. The idea that the Biden Administration is hogging the vaccines has upset people overseas who see it as yet another great divide between America and the rest of the world.
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