R. Kelly has had herpes since 2000 allegedly infected numerous people: Prosecutors

The latest developments in R. Kelly’s trial might even make the strongest of stomachs turn. On day two of the trial, prosecutors focused on his health and the wild claim that Kelly knowingly infected others with STDs. WARNING: Reading beyond this point contains references to sexual content and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. That STD being herpes according to court documents that were read in open court. Herpes is an incurable STD though it generally is considered harmless so long as it is caught in time and treated. Kelly’s personal doctor took it up a notch during the latest testimony. Kris McGrath — the doctor - testified that despite claims otherwise Kelly had been treated for the disease since 2007. Though it’s worth noting that in the same breat...

After building an empire on the back of sex workers, Onlyfans is banning sexually explicit content forever

Big news in the Onlyfans community today. According to the fairly sleazy company, years after they built an empire on the backs of sex workers — they’re banning the content that made them who they are today. Variety reports that the site is struggling to raise funding because payment processors are coming down hard. The magazine also reports that the move is set to begin in October — though nudity will still be allowed. Let’s be clear — Onlyfans without sex workers is Patreon. Pornography though won’t be. The move is expected to be a boon for sites like 4MyFans and Justforfans — who have largely been far more respectful to its adult film creators.

Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial is about to get really messy

Messy because despite the attempts of her legal team to throw out testimonies of the patients she scammed — those patients just scored a big court win. This week a federal judge ruled that the patients involved do have the rught to testify considering they were targeted by Holmes misdeeds. According to court documents, Holmes trial is set to begin with jury trial selections on 31 August. A judge ultimately found that it would have deprived the victims of their right to tell their story. Holmes’ lawyers further argued that the testimonies should be withheld because the rest of the blame sits with the government. Her legal team maintains that the blame sits with the government because they allegedly didn’t keep a laboratory base properly.

Criminal complaints against Andrew Cuomo have been filed officially

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have even worse problems to worry about. According to CNN, Cuomo is now the subject of at least two separate criminal complaints in Albany. This makes the sitting Governor of New York the subject of a formal criminal complaint. Reports indicate that the woman only identified as executive assistant “one” in the initial report made the complaint on Thursday. The complaint alleges on multiple occasions, which were found to be true, that Governor abused his power to take advantage of women while in office. Right now an internal fight between top NY lawmakers is underway. Amid the allegations and the investigation into his actions — Cuomo is actually refusing to completely resign.

6 cruise passengers have all tested positive for the Coronavirus

As expected the cruise line industry is once again getting hit by the Coronavirus. According to Royal Caribbean cruises, the adventures of the sea cruise is the ship in question of all of the possible tests. Four of the guests per CNN were vaxxed the rest were not as it is understood. The 7 night cruise departed 25 July from the Bahamas. The cruise line maintains that all of those who came back positive all were quarantined and traced. Royal Caribbean requires testing and contact tracing on all of its ships.

Biden claims social media is killing people

A reference to the fact that America is deeply struggling with numerous counterintuitive misinformation campaigns. As the weekend kicked off, US President Joe Biden addressed a wide variant of things including tech firms who don’t clamp down on social posts. “They’re killing people. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated," Biden told reporters at the White House on Friday, per The Hill, before repeating "They're killing people." The comments come as networks like Facebook have deeply struggled with the right wing of America intentionally spreading lies.

Ex cop claims Marilyn Monroe was drugged by JFK’s cousin

Fascinating news claims in the mysterious death of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe are absolutely nothing new. But according to a sensational new book, Monroe was poisoned by Los Angeles police officials who were hoping to shut her up. The claims come from former LAPD coo Mike Rothmiller. Rothmiller claims in his new book that Monroe was drugged by way of spiked drinks at the hands of Robby Kennedy. It is unclear why Robby would’ve targeted the Hollywood legend. RothMiller claims most of his information came from an alleged confirmation that took by way of the Playboy Mansion. Perhaps amusing at least, the bombshell claims are told in the upcoming The Night Bobby Killed Marilyn.
CERTIFIED, The Close Up - Evening Newsletter

The Close Up: Biden’s speech, GOP goes nuclear, America yearns for progress and more

The Close Up is our new evening newsletter featuring the best bites from the day and more. Today’s bites will be featured by myself, SHK, and a different person each evening from there on. BIG MOMENTS: 1. US President Joe Biden led the first set of women to stand together behind the Congressional podium. Last night at Biden’s Congressional address, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Madame Vice President Kamala Harris became the first women ever to stand together behind the podium. It is a monumental moment for America considering the country has largely been ruled by old white women for centuries. Many are viewing Madame Vice President’s presence as a turning point for America. 2. Police in Louisville Kentucky are now under federal investigation for police brutalit...
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A photo of Khloe Kardashian has sparked discussion about the unnecessary use of excessive photoshop

An unwanted photograph of Khloe Kardashian has sparked quite the discussion online. In a Reddit thread, a photograph of Kardashian by a pool shows Khloe unedited and in her real self. That last line is not a joke and is almost something that is fairly unheard of when it comes to the Kardashian family. Reports claim that Kardashian is out to remove the photo, although someone should probably tell her she looks just fine and like she’s having a ton of fun. The photograph can be viewed here according to Reddit.

All the drama unfolding at CBS’s The Talk explained

CBS ‘s The Talk which has long been a juggernaut for the network is now finding itself in trouble. This week it emerged that allegedly Sharon Osborne might have a taste for those who are racist but then apparently had no idea that might also make her racist. As a result of those comments and her defense of Piers Morgan execs have placed the show entirely on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The problem first arose after Osborne jumped to the defense of disgraced presenter Piers Morgan. For those who are all caught up, Morgan famously tried to claim on Good Morning Britain that somehow by coming forward about her struggles Meghan Markle was lying. Particularly lying about suicide tendencies inside the palace —- which in turn set off intense criticism. Osborne followed...

In sudden crackdown, Netflix has begun restricting the ability to password share your account

Many people by now have probably discovered that you now receive a weird warning on Netflix if you’ve ever password shared. This week the company confirmed that their testing a new protocol that would otherwise require users to verify that they’re the account holders. That verification of course would actually come from the holders registered phone number which would make it difficult for some to get the code. If you are still using your exes account, you can kiss that method a sweet goodbye on its way out the door. The move largely appears, according to Netflix, to be a verification thing to confirm that accounts aren’t compromised. While that may be true, however, the move appears to be cutting into password sharing. Password sharing is a common thing among friends; roommat...

For reasons that are unclear, Russia is reviving the Haunted House of the Soviets

For reasons that probably are a little stranger than the New York Times could find, Russia is making big improvements to a historical building. But not just any building — in fact the former House of Soviets in Kalingrad. According to a wild story in the New York Times, the building has been mostly vacant for nearly 42 years. Though a recently authorized project now appears to be on the horizon thanks to an overzealous construction agency. The rumored haunted house is going to be demolished and reconstructed though not everybody is thrilled at the idea. Russia houses nuclear plants nearby.

Kelly Dodd is a quack and a COVID denier and is losing work because of it

Like many even reality T.V stars aren't immune to losing gigs and paid work over claims that they make on social media. According to Positive Beverage, Reality T.V star Kelly Doddy (best known for being a member of the Real Housewives franchise) has been dropped all together after she made upsetting comments about the pandemic. TMZ reports that the problem began after Dodd was seen in a series of videos on social media hours after Newsom lifted local restrictions. A video appearing to have been shot at a restaurant in Newport Beach saw Dodd and friends maskless partying together. Dodd defended her actions "We all got the vaccine and we don’t have it, so there’s nothing to spread' in comments made hours after the scandal first broke. Us Weekly confirmed the brand's decision to...

Jodie Turner-Smith set to headline Witcher prequel again

Jodie 's back and she's ready for action once more. According to Panjiba, Turner-Smith is poised to headline yet another Witcher prequel. Panjiba notes that like most of us the Witcher was easy to watch, but, easier to just as fast forget. From Deadline: Set in an elven world 1,200 years before the world of The Witcher, Blood Origin will tell a story lost to time - the creation of the first prototype Witcher, and the events that lead to the pivotal “conjunction of the spheres,” when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one.

A Black man was murdered in May after encountering a catfish profile online, it is just now surfacing

2020 has proven one thing: 2020 leaves no stone unturned in bizarre events that just keep happening. Reports are now surfacing of a Texas man that was killed in May after having apparently been lured to his death by way of a fake online catfish profile. This follows just last week when the latest one in Florida was also a young Black man who was lured to his death and beaten by two homohpobic gang members for “street cred.” Deonte Hicks, 27, is one of many victims this year killed after conversing with fake profiles of other people online. This time, however, it’s a little different. The family of Deonte Hicks, 27, has come forth revealing that Houston police have done little to explore and properly investigate the murder of their son. Family members told multiple outlets this we...

Pretty Wild: Man’s elaborate gift card scam nets lavish life, finally unravels

Scams are everywhere these days and depending on who or what is behind them they may be pretty elaborate. Wired lays out the telling story of a Ukranian man arrested; charged, and now will spend upwards of 9 years in prison for a wild scam that netted him a lavish lifestyle. It’s pretty wild that Volodymyr Kvashuk managed to swindle Microsoft through apparently its own systems. As a then employee (dating back to 2017 and 2018) he wasn’t able to send products directly to himself but could do it on company time and company premises. However, he then apparently figured out that there was nothing stopping him from ordering gift cards himself. The discovery led to what could’ve been a humungous windfall for Kvashuk who went on to buy everything from a Tesla worth more than $160,000 ...
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