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As Afghanistan crumbles to the Taliban, America’s failures are yet again highlighted on a massive scale

The Talibans extraordinary gain in Afghanistan now includes the outskirts of Kabul. Kabul is the main seat of governmental power in Afghanistan and is understood to be in imminent danger. In the early morning hours of Sunday, it emerged that Taliban fighters had overrun most of the outskirts leading into Kabul. Their latest gains have reportedly cut off Kabul’s highway access to nearby city craters and vital resources. The problems only scratch the surface starting there. A rise again of the Taliban means that world governments will now have to communicate with a terrorist cell in order to gain access in any way to Afghanistan. It means that women will once again be denied healthcare rights; birth control, education and more. Taliban members do not believe that women shoul...
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Twitter users react to the #gasshortage that is spreading across much of eastern America at gas station (s)

Twitter is the place where you can find live reactions and such as they're happening in almost any part of the active world. Along the east coast -- Americans are waking up to the nightmare scenario of climbing gas prices and reported shortages in multiple areas. It's worth noting that a deceptive article has appeared in the New York Times claiming there aren't snaked lines for gas amid the reported shortages. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1392108492773810176?s=20 https://twitter.com/TailsWindsFI/status/1391867625328762883?s=20 But then there's also this. https://twitter.com/Granneypuckett/status/1392122506878783490?s=20 But then there's also this... https://twitter.com/GSuskinWSOC9/status/1391929316242563073?s=20 Stretching back into South Carolina...
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The WH is demanding reporters get all quotes approved and it isn’t going over well

The White House has a new policy running about and it is not sitting well with anyone. According to reports, the policy appears to suggest that reporters must get all quotes approved through the communications team of the White House -- a near unprecedented move considering that hampers publication deadlines that most outlets attend by. It was first deployed by the Obama Admin; less deployed by the Trump admin, and now in full force by the Biden admin. Politico Playbook reports that the memos were sent out apparently this week and also demand that reporters transcribe all quotes to the comms team. The rule also applies to anyone who apparently wants to attach a name to any particular interview quote. “The rule treats them like coddled Capitol Hill pages and that’s not who...
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Biden Admin says that reunited families will be able to stay in the U.S

The Biden Administration now says that it is racing to undo the damage caused by the previous administration when it came to immigration cruelty. Axios reports that Homeland Sec Secretary Alejandro Morkas confirmed on Monday that the bizarre Trumpian family policy would immeditaly be ended.  Axios reports. "We are acting as restoratively as possible," said Mayorkas during the Monday briefing.
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Biden will spend the day holding talks with business leaders while Trump ‘s trial begins

U.S President Biden will spend his Tuesday engaging with business leaders and makers in an effort to undermine the Trump trial set to begin right now. According to reports, the meeting will also include Treasury Secretary Yellen who hopes to further discuss the $1.9T rescue package Biden hopes will help keep America afloat. We will follow these updates as they become more readily available and the moves the administration intends to make.
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Joe Biden is inching closer to universally wiping out an enormous chunk of U.S student debt

The push for Joe Biden to make dramatic changes to student loans could be sooner than most realize. According to The Huff Post, Biden 's key colleagues including Senate leaders are reportedly pushing the President to forgive roughly $50k in student debt. First and foremost, such forgiveness of that level would wipe out massive chunks of debt for allot of people. “The President continues to support the cancelling of student debt to bring relief to students and families,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki wrote on Twitter. “Our team is reviewing whether there are any steps he can take through executive action and he would welcome the opportunity to sign a bill sent to him by Congress.” The moves come as students in America are struggling against the backdrop of intimidating stu...
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Biden has repealed a major anti-abortion policy put in place by Trump

President Biden has now signaled his belief that he does not agree with the previous administration's abortion beliefs. According to the White House, Joe biden has now reversed a previous order that undid the right for international orgs to talk; discuss, or perform anything related to abortion services. The gag order had previously dealt a blow only to those who received aid money from the United States. The order is widely known as the "Global Gag Order" rule. "The best way to describe [the executive orders] is to undo the damage Trump has done," Biden said as he signed the orders Thursday. "The memorandum reverses my predecessor's attack on women's health access, as we continue to battle COVID-19 it's even more critical Americans have meaningful access to health care." “For ...
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Republicans are now talking about “good faith” as 10 GOPers seek to lower COVID-19 relief bill

With quite a bit less power than they had last year Republicans are now switching sides like a quarter being flipped demanding Democrats meet them half way. According to reports, 10 GOP Senators spent this weekend once again trying to lower the COVID-19 relief bill out of what they claim is "overkill" and the fact that "the cost." The Washington Post reports that GOPers are demanding a smaller bill but are gunning to prevent Democrats from using a special set of budget rules they claim would be against "unity." Furthermore -- the GOP reportedly wants to cut the $15h/r mandate; lower the relief checks to $1,000 and ensure that the Democrats will meet them halfway. It's worth noting that for four years and with their own majority, Republicans almost never considered unity on any ...
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What is an executive order, and why don’t presidents use them all the time?

Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt University Just hours after taking the oath of office, President Joe Biden signed nine executive orders – far surpassing every other president’s first day on the job in modern history. These orders advance urgent issues like COVID-19 response and undo many of Trump’s policies on immigration and environmental deregulation. Biden is not the first U.S. president to issue an executive order, and he certainly won’t be the last. My own research shows executive orders have been a mainstay in American politics – with limitations. What is an executive order? Though the Constitution plainly articulates familiar presidential tools like vetoes and appointments, the real executive power comes from reading between the lines. Presidents have long interpr...
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Biden wants to dramatically change the way America talks about race, here’s how he plans to do it

Joe Biden campaigned that he and Kamala Harris want to dramatically reshape law enforcement in America. Now for allot of people that either comes somewhere between a surprise or a bunch of bullshit considering Kamala 's past and Joe 's own past. Lots of Black Americans particularly take issue with the fact that Kamala was at one point a former prosecutor and Joe himself once supported the 1993 crime bill. A crime bill that arguably set the fabric for what would become of the monstrous crime against humanity that would be known as policing in America. Let's outline what Biden plans to do according to his Press Sec and formal executive orders issued as of this writing. Joe Biden has instructed government agencies-wide to put racial equity and fairness at the forefront of their ...
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Trump ‘s diet coke button has been removed from the Oval Office

In a sign that President Biden obviously wants to watch his health. According to reports, executive orders aside Biden is making other big moves and changes in the White House. As it was revealed yesterday that he moved busts of Cesar Chavez into the office, he, also reportedly removed one of Trump 's infamous buttons. Credit: NBC Philly
You can stop saying #Bidenerasedwomen
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You can stop saying #Bidenerasedwomen

That reason of course being hidden transphobia that otherwise wouldn't be acknowledged if one was sitting in a room across from Brenda. On Thursday, it was revealed for the first time that Biden signed a series of executive orders reportedly designed to include transgender girls in sports at school. A move of course that has ignited debate and discussion but mostly ignorance surrounding the idea that transgender people exist whether cis people like it or not. Much of the controversy surrounding the idea of transgender girls in "cis" sports sits between the idea that they'd be more athletic than others. Critics oddly are arguing that the move somehow "erases' cis women when that isn't the case at all. There is however ample speculation that public school funding could be for...
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Trump lost out to Biden when it came to the inauguration viewers

Despite having a limited in person audience it turns out Joe Biden still knows how to draw a crowd. According to Nielsen, Biden 's at-home "crowd" topped a 4% increase from the total number of viewers or "watchers" that Trump had in 2017. The scoring network reports that some 39.87m people tuned in to watch the inauguration on at least one of the big six media networks on broadcast television. The number is at least 4% higher than that of Trump 's inauguration which had roughly 38.5m in seats to watch him at the point. Essentially the only difference between then and now would in fact be the pandemic. Variety has more stats and expects the number to be dramatically higher once streamers are tabulated and accounted for.
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In first big move, Biden issues tighter COVID rules and a mask mandate

On his first full day in office -- President Biden made it clear that one of his distinct missions is to beat back the Coronavirus as best America can do at this point. According to NBC News, Biden signed a series of executive orders that mandate mask use; increase funding for states to get better at vaccinating their populations, and hopes that the orders will help pave the way for safe re-openings. All international travelers must now have a negative test before entering the United States. "We didn't get into this mess overnight and it is going to take months to get it turned around," he said. "But let me be equally clear, we will get through this, we will defeat this pandemic." The U.S eclipsed 400k COVID related deaths just before Trump left office. As as a result, the B...
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Meet the new WH Press Sec who has vowed to bring back truth in the Biden Administration

The dust is sort of settled in the new Biden Administration and there are some pretty interesting members already. In a far cry from her predecessors, Jen Psaki, 42, has already become a breath of fresh air in the briefing room. A briefing room previously dogged by racism; lies, and usually flat out deceit. The AP rounds up some of the reactions to Psaki 's first day as Sec and the fact that she is a working Mom of two which sends a fantastic message to America.
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Here are the glorious actions #JoeBiden plans to take on Day One of his Presidency

Joe Biden is scheduled to become the next President of the United States in no less than an hour or so EST. In this guide -- we'll go over some of the hot button moves he reportedly plans to take within hours of being sworn in. See a full list via the AP. Joe Biden plans to rejoin the World Health Organisation According to Joe Biden 's incoming plan and team, the newly minted President reportedly plans to rejoin both the Paris Accord and the World Health Organisation. Both organisations despite how controversial the latter may be -- are of the utmost importance in the world we now live in. Next to the pandemic and climate change -- the world has more crises than it probably should have. 2. He also plans to rollback Trump 's racist Muslim ban The incoming administration ...
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