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Judge rules Amazon does not have to reinstate Parler in dramatic move against extremism

The fight to get Parler back on Amazon web services might string along for quite some time. According to reports, a federal judge has ruled that at least for now the web-hosting company does not have to reinstate Parler. That decision comes from mostly obvious reasons considering Amazon 's Terms of Service were always pretty clear. However despite the ruling, Judge Barbra Rothstein ruled only in part to the injunction but did not dismiss what she called Parler 's apparent credible concerns otherwise. It is the latest page-turner in a battle for what right-wing Americans are calling their right to post as they feel inciting violence or not. Amazon maintains that the reason why Parler was taken down in fact is because they had an agreement that no such violent content would be host...

People are already falling victim to bizarre COVID-19 vaccine scams

Because nothing says scammy like trying to capitalise on the fears and concerns of being vaccinated for a virus that has killed so many already. According to the FBI, they’re currently investigating a host of phony websites that have surfaced on the internet. NBC News reports that most recently on Friday a false website impersonating Moderna and its vaccines was taken offline. The website appeared to target elderly citizens and the usual demographics that may not be hip to the internet. Editors Note: A friendly reminder folks —- they’re not selling vaccines on the internet nor can you actually get this vaccine anywhere else other than a medical facility or pharmacy. Please remember that and also please remember to advise that to your elderly family members who usually are targe...

2nd stimmy? Here’s what you need to know

Looks like after much hubub and bickering —- Congress has at least somewhat hashed out a temporary COVID-relief bill until a later date. According to multiple reports; Moscow Mitch, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office an initial agreed-to bill appears to be coming. In that bill are the following things headed to Americans: a 2nd stimulus check of $600 per eligible person, and an additional $300 a week in unemployment. The extended unemployment reportedly will last upwards of four months and will be revisited if the pandemic has not gotten under control at that time. It’s also worth noting that if the Democrats win the Senate future COVID-relief bills will likely look dramatically different. It appears that in part the GOP caved to $600 and additional weeks of unemployment beca...
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WH blocks what would’ve been major mask-requirement escalation

The New York Times is out today with a juicy tidbit of its own amid reports that despite numerous cases of the Coronavirus in the WH — the WH still isn’t on board with a practically nationwide mask mandate. Per The Times, Mike Pence in fact may be to blame here as he reportedly intervened in an attempt by the CDC to validate a mandate that was meant to require masks on all forms of public transportation and beyond nationwide. The CDC apparently drafted such a memo weeks ago although it had been held up by the Coroanvirus task force within the Trump Administration. Keeping in usual tactics with their anti-mask agenda, the Trump Administration and its cronies devolved the memo claiming that it just wouldn’t happen. The Department of Transportation then reportedly also decided that ...
My pastor wants to still host church services, now members of my community are threatening to revolt
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My pastor wants to still host church services, now members of my community are threatening to revolt

Florida is now one of the only places in America that still hasn't stopped church services from going forth. There are members of my community that have already gotten the virus, at least two of them who are fighting for their lives in the ICU. We want them to close down churches, church service can be hosted over the internet. Lives now depend on it. The Coronavirus has upended our lives in ways that even the most religious didn't see coming. Mile-long lines at the grocery store; some running for the pantry, others desperately gunning for any charitable organization that may have something left. These are times that we as Floridians didn't see coming and desperately need to reevaluate our now selfish desire to keep going about our lives. Both my Mom and my Dad are desperately r...
At 8 pm a tri-state area-wide shutdown begins in an effort to curb the Coronavirus [NYC, NJ, and CT]

At 8 pm a tri-state area-wide shutdown begins in an effort to curb the Coronavirus [NYC, NJ, and CT]

This must be reiterated that you should still be able to go to the store; retrieve medicine, and likely even go see your friends and whatnot if you're brave. At 8pm --- the following services and places will be forcibly shut under government orders. Now whether or not most of these stores are actually open in the area(s) described --- remains to be determined as allot of them have voluntarily closed. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL LOCKDOWN. WHILE THINGS ARE BEING TOLD TO LOCKDOWN (I.E SERVICES; RESTAURANTS, AND THOSE ON THIS LIST) IT IS NOT A FORMAL LOCKDOWN ORDER. AT LEAST NOT YET. FROM WHAT WE UNDERSTAND NYC WILL NOT SEE SIMILAR LOCKDOWN ORDERS LIKE THOSE IN ITALY. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THE MISINFORMATION FLOATING AROUND. YOU SHOULD STILL FOLLOW QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATIONS TO PROTECT YOURS...
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