The Daily News advertises and maintains distinct partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands. Adidas; Top Shop,  Fendi,  Google,  Google Adsense, and numerous others. We have always held our door open to advertising and marketing services for the “Little People” looking to get a big break in publicity.

Our services range from business card creation; flyer creation, article and press management, social media management, artist and talent promotion, sponsored articles and more.  These services are available to everybody no matter the budget, we, tend to work with all kinds of people.

It’s important to remember that we do not promote pharma related articles or things to do with the casino. Those seeking to get drug-related articles about medicine printed in this newspaper will go through a verification process verifying that they’re in the medical field.

All marketing and advertising services are conducted through Sultan Khan himself: 347-509-9075  and at e-mail address