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Gotcha: Shaun King has yet again found to have misused donor funds to purchase a high end dog only to return it because it had lots of energy

Last updated on 2022-08-02

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Serial con artist and BLM abuser Shaun King is making headlines once again amid reports that he once again misused donor funds for his own personal gain. Financial disclosure documents for his org (if you’ll even call it a legit org) called Grassroots Law provided $40,000 in funds to a dog breeder in California for an award winning dog.

His Grassroots Law PAC contributed over $40K to Marz’s breeder in the last year disclosures revealed. That breeder has been identified as Potrero Performance Dogs. Despite using donor funds to fund the purchase of the dog, the dog, was returned to the breeder last month for no other reason than “it had way too much energy.”

Days after the second Grassroots donation, King welcomed thoroughbred Marz to his family. Marz won best in show at an AKC competition last month (pictured)

Marz won best in show at an AKC competition last month (pictured)

Grassroots Law paid $10,000 to Potrero in December 2021 and another $30,650 on February 16.

This is far from the first time King has misued funds from his so called charities and orgs and continues to be accused of widespread fraud.

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